Euro R


The weather is hot and sunny now in Oregon. This means that instead of spending time building gunplas, it is time to get down and dirty with your significant other :)

A little intro– I drive a 2007 Acura TSX which to most of you outside the US will know it as the Honda Accord Euro. While I’m not exactly a petrol head nor a grease monkey, I like working and modifying my car for both performance and aesthetic purposes. I don’t intend to race but improving handling and a little more “oomph” wouldn’t hurt. I’m one of those freaks who loves going 50+mph around curves and bends :). Changes I’ve made so far: Cold air intake, underdrive pulley, throttle body spacer, second front strut bar, thicker rear sway bar, lower body brace, lighter wheels, bridgestone potenza tires, and stiffer coilovers. The Euro R kit would be my first pure aesthetic-only mod.

I’ve been holding onto my JDM Euro R kit since last summer and I was just oh so happy to be able to put them on a week ago.


This is how she looks like before the make-over ^^. Drove over to my friend’s home shop to get the kit installed since he have all the tools and space.


Even with the boxes closed and sealed, spiders still managed to get into the packaging… and lay eggs.


The front lip and new side skirts. Kit didn’t come with any hardware so had to buy a separate set from the dealer (what wasteful packaging…)


Front bumper is :D


The thing I like about Hondas is that they always seem cheerful ^^;


Testing fitment of the front lip.


Must be really happy to have this new make-over ^^;


The sideskirts were probably the most painless to install but the difference is VERY subtle… so subtle that I don’t think it even helps if I can explain it but it’s there >_>

whoops… forgot shots for the rear’s WISP ^^;. We took our sweet time and the whole installation took about six hours.  And here she is…


Took her out to the mall for a photoshoot after a good wash and wax :)


Photoshooting a car was a lot harder than photoshooting Gundam models…




One of the oddest and frequent compliments this car get is… “cute car!”. Must be that jolly face… :D


Contemplating on whether to raise the height of the car or not… it is so low that I am always paranoid about scratching the bottom >_<


What I love about the lip kit is the understated look; it is not entirely pronounced but the style is still there. So unless you know what you’re looking at, the difference can easily fly over most people’s head ^^. I hate that wide body racy look… it’s too loud and attracts too much attention (from cops).




Top of a parking structure. All the continuous right turns made me a little dizzy…


Gundams and cars… they’re both mechas :D. I love my car. Not as a “girlfriend” but as my partner; without it, I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. Driving is probably one of the few things I actually enjoy doing as I go through everyday’s mundane activities.

This little car is far from being finished with modding. Still have exhaust manifold and exhaust system on my to-do list (along with many other little modding projects) :D. Alas, this hobby is not cheap at all and requires decent weather so I can only work on it during the summer.

Anyone else into cars as well? Feel free to show off your ride if you want :)

I need to work on my outdoor shots…

25 thoughts on “Euro R

    1. your car is nice bro i love the car.I have the same car but in white n i will like to do the under kit like u did can u tell me where u got it from and what u pay for it i’m in newyork no body sell the kit here.???????????thanks and good luck with your car is a nice car

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