F91 WISP: Tiny Parts Galore


Here’s what I’ve assembled for the MG Gundam F91 so far. Admittedly, I haven’t been working on this model much recently since I’ve been trying to “catch ’em all” on the DS >_>. But seriously…


This model is difficult to build. And not for a good reason; The parts are TINY! About 1/144 size and some even smaller. imagine trying to hold onto it and clean the nubs with a knife. Not only are the parts small, they are also fragile and thin. I can feel some of the parts bending as I try to snap them in place.


F91’s hideous mugshot face =_=. The dude means serious business…

MG Exia is finally looking good…


Finally looking good to me that is. Now THAT I like ^^. Sleek yet still muscular and a sense of power. So I’m guessing the older photos were just at bad angles… but that’s another bad thing for the Exia then if it looks good only at certain angles.


Finally got a good look at the GN Sword. It’s almost as if Bandai heard my cries and decided to fix this model up :D (haha sike). The MG Exia also have other impressive features too. So just like that… I am finally looking forward to reviewing my MG Exia Ignited Ignition Mode when it arrives at my doorstep ^^. Might need waterslide for it too… hmm…

Stuff jacked from Anime to Gundamu desu.

Yay! Got My DS Lite… UPS Still Fails…


Yea… I’m a few years late in joining the DS party but hey, it’s still highly popular ^^ (meaning more games to be release). I was quite shocked to learn that both Polar White and Onyx (the pokemon?) Black were discontinued a LONG time ago. Newegg is the only place that still has the black in stock. I can’t trust any of the DS Lite on ebay because half of them are fake (LOLChina) and I’m not gonna take the risk. Oh yea… I do like the Pokemon games ^^. Brings back great… elementary school memories.


The black looks much better in person than in photos. The glossy outside have its fair share of fingerprints already… I should give it a dose of matte topcoat…

WARNING! RANT ALERT! I hate UPS with a passion. I cringe with disgust every time I have to use it as a shipping option. They’re the most pathetic and slowest shipping company I’ve ever dealt with. Not once have I ever thought “wow that’s fast” when UPS delivers but it’s always “wow they’re slow as ****”. When they say “guaranteed delivery in 7 days”, they really mean it. THEY DELIVER IN SEVEN DAYS. No matter where. I remember my MG God Gundam and EX-S took just that long to get to me… FROM CALIFORNIA! So much for all those right-turn routes that saves gas and time…pfff. Okay… FIRST CLASS mail from CA only takes 3 days to get to me! So what does this have to do with my DS? Well I got free “3-day select” shipping from Newegg for both the game and the system (they shipped from different states…). The DS shipped last friday and I received it yesterday (is that 3 days?). The game pissed me off the most… It had an “on-time scheduled delivery” the same date as the DS (yesterday) but for no apparent reason, they changed it to today. Even when the game was already in PORTLAND TUESDAY. There was no delivery attempt either.  Icalled UPS to ask WTF happened and why they rescheduled it… the operator didn’t really give a good explanation and just said “well, you picked 3-day select, SIR. Your package was actually shipped on 6/20 so it’ll still be on time on 6/25”. So she was telling me my package’s delivery date was rescheduled so it wouldn’t get here early?!… …… Lastly, when they finally do deliver, I swear they just threw the package as I heard it hit the wall before it hit the ground. Didn’t see as it was right before I opened the door… and guess what? the UPS guy was already almost in front of his truck and just shouted “It’s on the floor!” and left without looking at me… **** YOU! UPS!!!

Sorry… just need to let that out.

The Winner!


It was a tough battle… many casualties on both side… but the war is finally over. Peace has come at last. blah blah blah. So yes… I am pleased to announce the winner of this Gundam Fight. Congratulations to Chris and his Avalanche Exia vs Saviour Gundam Battle. Here are some of the hightlights:


I gotta hand it to him for the use of beam sabers and effect parts. The camera angles complimented the dynamic poses very well. Just fight fight fight till the very end. He covered most of what I wanted to see out of this contest.

Honorable mentions goes to Acedude and his entry, Battle 2:

Very creative here as well and there is never enough hotblood in Gundam.

Also Beamknight87 and his entry, Battle 4:

Definitely has the clearest shots out of all the entries. Crystal clear.

Let’s all give ourselves a hand for the effort we put into this contest. Don’t be let down if you didn’t win, there will be more chances ^^. As of a matter of fact, I already know what to do for the next contest! Even though you might not win the prize, I hope most of you actually gained some new ideas from seeing other people’s work. Seeing everyone’s entries gave me some new photography ideas to play around with :D. Lastly, I hope you all enjoyed this and had a little fun at the very least. Thank you all for participating!

Chris, I know what you want already but I’ll email you again just to confirm so wait a bit ^^. Again, congratulations!


UPDATED: Added my ratings

Even though I only have 14 entries, there are over 200 photos to upload so I’ll be split the showing into two parts (with the second coming later after I wake up). Spectactors! You can also be judges as well! You can vote using this format and following the criteria :



I’ll count your vote if you provide a constructive opinion, but I’ll ignore any overly enthusiastic “OMHARUHI battle x ROCKS/BESTEST/1337!”-style comments. I haven’t personally rated any of the battles but will fill in my two cents for the first part after I post the second part, then fill in the second part and see who has the most points (props) to be the winner. It’ll make sense when everything happens ^^;. Now let’s begin!

Continue reading “1st Half! GUNDAMU FIGHTO!”

Time for a Change…


Couldn’t find a proper pic for this post ^^;. Anyway, as all of you can see… this blog now has a new layout and a new name. I can’t remember the original but this is the third time I changed names but this one will be for good. I just think “A ‘home  look’ on Gunpla and GFF” was too mouthful. “Gunpla Inochi” covers a bit more meaning; the title shows that this blog is for the Gundam model lovers… and if you read it literally, it means “Gunpla Life” so it works really well here ^^. The “Home Look” is replaced by “Real” in the title to shorten things up. I am giving a “real” look on Gunplas… as in, how the the Gunpla looks out of the box as opposed to Bandai’s studio models. Essentially, this is still “home look” ^^. Lastly, I’ve always been looking for a better shorter name to call this blog  xD. I’m not stopping with just a new theme and title though… I’ll try to update all the page layouts and “refurbish” some older reviews as well… and eventually, I’ll open up my own site.

Now on to the next subject…


Okay I’m very late on this and I haven’t been paying attention but this blog has hit its half-milestone of 500k hits ^^;. Never thought I would reach this in just a little over a year.


Don’t know how it happened but views to this blog averages 2k daily and 3k when I get reviews out ^^. It would be awesome to know if half of those numbers are unique visitors. I don’t worry about the stats anymore since people somehow just find this blog from all over the place ^^;.


Top Pages of All Time. These are the pages that have the most views. No surprises here except the MG WZC… wonder why that review is so popular…

Once again… I thank all of you, lurkers and active readers, for coming here. A great part of this blog’s success comes from you. I’ll do my best to ensure more great times to continue and make this blog worth your time and visit. I also want to greatly thank anyone and everyone for referring others here either through blogrolls or linking from forums.  No doubt it does make me feel a bit proud of my effort or at least I know I’m doing something right ^^;. Ultimately, I now know that I’m much closer to this blog’s goal…

If you want to do a link exchange, please feel free to drop a line in the comments. I’ll happily trade with you :D

Ahh… I got more to say but I gotta bounce to work xD

Now on to the Gundam Fight later tonight…