Anniversary Contest/Giveaway!

I know many of you are waiting for this moment. So y’all ready for this? Yea? Good! Then get your cameras, lights, models, backdrops, props, everything(!!!) ready then! It’s time to start the Anniversary Giveaway Contest!

The Name of the Game – GUNDAMU FIGHTO!

Seeing how most of you liked how I do battle scenes in my review now, I’ve decided to turn that into the contest. Soooo… You are to create a VS battle between UP TO FOUR of your Gundam models. You can bribe your friends to let you borrow their models if you don’t have enough. Easy enough eh? :)



– You have UP TO 20 shots to create your battle. You don’t have to use all 20 shots. Just make it so *I* can understand/enjoy the battle without thinking much and know what is going on. Be efficient.

– You can use different grades but at least use the same scale models. MG 1/100 vs HG 1/100 is okay but none of this 1/60 vs 1/200 stuff. I’ll let 1/100 vs 1/144 slide if the models are about the same height (no more than a head and a half difference).

– Remember… only up to four models. From any series is fine. Up to you. However you want to make it work.


This is how I’ll be judging the battles…

– POSES: How well/realistic/awesome you can pose your models for the battle.

– CLARITY: Your pics better not be blurry unless it is for effect (see above pic). I want CLEAN, CLEAR pictures!

– CREATIVITY: Be unique. Be funny. Be original. Be serious. Be epic. Be… creative. Don’t just replicate a scene from an anime. Make up your own!

– BACKDROP: Better pick a suitable background. Doesn’t have to be nice or scenic but it better not have like…clothes in the background or something.

-PHOTO: Camera angles, lighting, focus… all the works.

– Photos must be at least 800×600 (640×480 is a bit too small for my resolution). 1024×728 or around there would be great.

NO PHOTOSHOPPING/CHOPPING! This gives a great deal of unfair advantage for those with the skills.

– I’ll post up all the fights at the end along with the winner.

– You have until I’m done with the MG Gundam MK II to submit your entries.

– Send your photos IN A ZIP OR .RAR FOLDER (please don’t put any virus in there) to zyuan3618(at)hotmail(dot)com.

– C’mon, if someone like me who still knows nothing about photography can take some do-able photos, so can you :)


I originally intended to only allow the regulars to enter this giveaway to give them a better chance of winning to show my gratitude for making this place so lively but that seems a bit mean to the others and this is a time of celebration so I picked two separate giveaway items for different participants (but there will still be only ONE winner!)…

For the “Regulars”

I’m sure most of you know if you are a regular reader here are not. And I personally know if you are or not too :). My criteria is this: You have been regularly commenting, providing feedback, helping out, doing whatever to let me know that you’ve been here for at least a month (I WAS thinking of at least three months…) -OR- you’re on my blogroll.

Your prize will be…

– One HG 1/144 model from any series up to 1500 yen at rainbowten. I’ve checked their list and 1500 yen cover up virtually ALL HG 1/144 models barring the big big boys.

– I’ll order your model along with my already-in-place pre-order…which I think it will be shipped in mid to end of july *wink*

– Send your top three choices along with your entry. Models must already be released before end of June.

– I’m guessing you will probably have to wait till early August to get your model but it should worth the wait right?

Please email me if you’re unsure whether I consider you a regular or not.

For Others

If you have been a lurker, only come here every now and then, or just happen to drop by, you can participate for a chance to win the SD 00 Gundam.

There you have it. Any questions about the contest, please ask here. Personal questions can go to my email. Please note I’m doing this out of my own pocket and as a means to show my appreciation to all of you for the encouragement in keeping this blog alive all this time. Let’s try to keep this contest drama free and we should have a good time and some good laughs at the end. That’s the important part :)

Now is everyone all set? well then…


110 thoughts on “Anniversary Contest/Giveaway!

  1. AWESOME! I have completed my Zaku 2.0!! And my storyboard!
    Just gotta refine it down to 20 pictures, recharge my camera, and buy a backdrop.
    OR, Z, would you dock us points for using a towel and/or non-white back drop?

    hmm, say I send in my entry early using the 22 picture thing cause I feel like I need it. Would you be able to look at it and tell me if it’s acceptable without penalty or I should go back and change it?

  2. AstrayP03, Yep! Thanks

    Rokiroad, looks like it… ^^;

    acedudeyeah, no can do… I’ll let you judge your own entry and submit it ^^

    Chris, haven’t looked at any of the entries yet so be more optimistic ^^

    If you’ve sent an entry and didn’t receive an email notification that your email didn’t get delivered, chances are… I’ve received it. I got nothing in my spam mail also.

  3. k. once sent in, it’s final.

    “I only have one shot left! me and the g-unit are both worn out. Let’s rock!”
    ~Odin Bernett

    and you seem to have missed my backdrop question.

  4. Acedudeyeah, however you define “suitable background” ^^. My criteria for backdrop is not much I don’t think…

    Mike, yea i got yours.

  5. Awesome. I promise to stick to the criteria of no “clothes in the background or something,”! Unless you count the backdrop as clothes…..>.> but AWESOME! *salutes*

    I’m ready! Let’s do this!!

  6. oh no,i hv a bag and a lappy box in the background…. T__T
    plus,there are one bandai box i forgot too put away after using it as a camera stand

  7. guest i’ll past on this contest :\ my camera is in repair and my models are beening ship very slow *sigh*

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