First WISP: Gundam MKII 2.0


I know I know… I’m taking forever on this kit and all of you want me to just be done with it ASAP right? :)


Truth be told… I’m still not very enthusiastic about this kit because I never liked it in the first place but kinda surprised to find myself liking the looks of the head. The body could feel a little more rigid though…


I don’t know when I’ll be done with this model honestly. At this rate, it might as well take two weeks because I have finals this week and s-load of other things to take care of. I don’t like this model enough to put much effort into it though (skipping the top coat).

Oh oh, someone emailed me saying that my contest was too difficult and suggested that I join in on the competition too against everyone else’s entry and let the public decide the victor… That doesn’t sound like such a bad idea… What do you think? :)

Anyway, I’ve already received a few entries but I haven’t downloaded them  yet though. Gonna wait till I’m done with the model and then sort through them all at once.


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