MG Exia vs RD Exia


*sigh* the more I look at it, the more I’m beginning to think the MG Exia’s proportions could have been a lot better. Just look at the Robot Damashii Exia… THAT is how I’d have like it. Sleeker body and longer sword. Guess the last time for Bandai to showcase the MG Exia for good impressions would be the poses that goes on the box.

UPDATE: Official Bandai model finally came out


Still not winning any votes from me but I am curious why there are still no action shots yet… You would think Bandai will make that as an advertising point…

All pics jacked from none other than Ngee Khiong


43 thoughts on “MG Exia vs RD Exia

  1. Hmm…. Hmmmmmmmmmm… I’ll skip my proportion comments. the normal 1/100 can do all those poses >_> but the poses are a bit lame and basic… Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what I can do with it…

  2. Personally, i would of liked MG impulse proportions, long sword. They could of made the innerframe SLIGHTLY skinnier, and made the actually armor thinner as well.
    Remember that sleek look of the anime exia? If the sword was made longer before the actually release i might buy it.

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