I noticed a distinctive odor when I approached my fridge earlier and I immediately knew what was inside. Durians. Pretty soon the kitchen and my living room will start to smell like this fruit. I think most Asians are explicitly familiar with this fruit but for those who doesn’t, this is actually worth trying even if it is just for experience’s sake ^^.  It is quite… unique.


How would I describe durians? It smells like rotten eggs, fart, with a hint of banana and another sweet tropical fruit. Very strong… and can stink up the whole room. It almost taste like what it smells too but more fuity. Texture is like…creamy, custard-like, yet dry… kinda like tender chicken. While I use to hate this fruit as a kid, I’ve come to at least be able to eat it now. Still not passionate about it like my parents are though. They LOVE this stuff.

Have you tried durians before? Love it or hate it? (It is usually either/or)


37 thoughts on “Durian

  1. My parents also love it, especially my mother. ^^

    I don’t hate or love it though, I’m pretty much neutral about it. I ate it before when I was younger, but as I grew older, I stopped. Don’t really know why, I guess the fruit wasn’t so great to me. >>;

  2. i love durian. once i’m durianed, i smell like durian. my breathe smells like durian. my fart smells like durian. my pee smells like durian. my poo smells like durian. when i was young, i could eat up to 20 pieces in one go.

  3. i still remember a day when I eat some of it, got abit alcohol taste though…but still didn’t manage to swallow it…haha…^^” The smell isn’t my problem since I like that smell, especially when I’m waiting it from below the durian tree. Very nice smell !

  4. in here Indonesia, Durian is practicly everywhere! you can find it easily and yes, they STINK! so stink that all the hotels in here ban it from entering their lobby. but i myself find it very tasty but because of the alcoholic content inside the fruit, don’t eat it too much or your body will get hot! and yes, your mouth will smell like durians for well…days! it’s simply love it or hate it fruit, hehehe

  5. My family doesn’t eat it. But apparently one is not allowed to bring a durian into underground train station due to its distinctive odour lol.

  6. ^ Forgot to add something, that is applied to Singapore (no such rule is mentioned in Hong Kong). Not sure about other places though.

  7. That reminded me…some durians do taste alcholic like, and I actually like that because this means the meat is softer and creamy-like. My family had an unusual practice after eating durians though, that is using salt water to rinse our mouths to reduce the durian breath.

  8. Durians is one of my favourtite fruits! Now in malaysia, Durian is everywhere too! Don’t eat too much though, you’ll end up in a fever.

  9. @kkte, not to mention the price is getting cheaper and cheaper. I don’t like them but definitely not hating them. Just surprised at those that can eat them together with white rice :P

  10. durian… wow, can’t find any fruits better than that…
    durian is the best… I love to eat tons of it.. tons…

  11. Like Flows said (comment #24), in Indonesia these fruit is pretty abundant regardless of the season (of course there’ll be much more when it’s in season). It stinks too strong (bad) but tastes quite nice. However I can only eat no more than 3 chunks at one time. I’ll feel fed up after that. Of course brushing your teeth and mouthwash are required after eating. However it’s not the case with durian ice cream.

  12. and now im back. sorry z. i was out for a couple of days because i had my computer repaired… T_T

    btw i love durian. there are a lot of durian plantations here in our country and they’re cheap. XD

  13. I remember trying durian in bubble tea and it smelled like gasoline + onions. But durian icecream tastes good. I remember eating some when visiting my aunt’s house.

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