WISP 2: MK II Weapons


Okay… now that Finals are finally over with, I can catch up with the comments, emails, and blogging-related stuff… and make an all-out effort to complete the MG Gundam Mk. II (oh snap!). Just today, I’ve finished the backpack and all the weapons and will work on the arms later… so all that’s left will be the waist and legs. So those of you who are still procrastinating on your entry better scramble soon ^^


Now I know I said in my last post that I was gonna skip top coat on this model but I got fed up with how especially shiny the plastic for this model look so I gave it a half-assed layer of that matte chemical and… my God (Gundam)! Does it look oh so much better!

I was thinking… maybe I should turn this Mk II into a testbed model for new techniques like I did with my Wing Ver. Ka for decals/stickers/top coat… could delay completion a bit and might be a bit catastrophic but seems like it might worth the risk…


20 thoughts on “WISP 2: MK II Weapons

  1. Matt > Gloss very nice finish

    You could try mr. mark setter for water slide decals, works wonders on making the decal stick, just don’t use too much or the decal might melt.

  2. Well, I only flirted with joining and almost prepared an entry. Even though it might’ve broke a criteria or two, I just trashed working on it since it sucked. I might try again today and finish as fast as possible now that this WISP is up should I want to join, but once again, it’s not like I would enter for the prize, A. and B., my two assembled models are the 1/144 EW Gundams that have as much articulation as my 1/144 GFF, all three being usable. I should’ve at least pounced on my GP02A sooner (though I feel ready to do so). But one thing’s for sure: I made my Altron a little more decent looking with a slightly-different color scheme. Yet I doubt it’ll make too much of a difference against MGs and newer HGs that have more articulation that only my EMSiA could keep up with, but they’re not models. And I’m still thinking about (should I construct a new battle and send it to you) still sending some of the images of my scrapped one.

    So yeah… Topcoat and experiment away on your Mk. II and make it more appealing to your eye as I keep going back-and-forth on what to do. The Mk. II looks good so far, though it could use a giddy Kamille Bidan intimidating random Titans officers from inside that Gundam.

  3. Have seen quite a few gunpla out there that has a matt top coat finish and that definitely gave it a better feeling that the others type of coat out there. I normally use Semi-Gloss coat from Tamiya but they never made a good feeling out of the kit. Looking at the pictures, i will shift to matt instead.

  4. Ako07, already have a bottle ^^. And those are the dry transfers that came with the Mk II.

    Siroh, whatever your reason is… you should join anyway since you’ve already put in the effort ^^. Don’t back out now :D. I also remember my 1/44 Nataku to have a bit more articulation than all of my GFF barring the GFF God Gundam. No need to rush build your GP02A just for this though ^^;. Take your sweet time with that.

    Lilweiser, ironically…after reviewing my suddenly acquired 1/44s, I think I’d like to use semi-gloss sometimes ^^

  5. Nice progress on the Mk. II. One question though: Do you Topcoat parts as you assemble them? They look Topcoated to me.

  6. That looks real nice, Z! The Crossbone Red Skull is completed now. I just need the weather to actually cooperate with me so I can topcoat it. It’s rained all week here, putting a major delay on my entry. I’ve got something interesting in mind, and it’ll involve the Crossbone for sure.

  7. Nice job! Yeah, matte coat looks great with most mecha models, but sometimes gloss works depending on what look you wanna achieve.

    I’m painting my MG Turn A Gundam in Pearl White and I’m trying out a clear metallic coat for the red, blue & yellow parts. I plan to finish it off with a gloss coat.

    As for the Mk. II’s weapons, while lacking a hammer & lance, the rifle & bazooka look great, and I like the fact that the E-Pac cartridges are removable and can be stored in the shield and the hip armor. I also like that the beam sabers lock into place in the backpack unlike the previous Mk.II MG, where they had a tendency to flop around.

  8. Hope I can acquire matt topcoat too as they are hard to get here. I agree, topcoating MK II seems like a good idea. It looks really nice.

    And you know you’ve done a good job when you also convince me that I want to buy MG MK II now even though I never consider it in my to-get list.

  9. That body and head look 3x better than uncoated, I got to admit it looks pretty smexy haha ^^ but yeah go for it if you feel confident and you have the time

    as for me I’m done with experimenting as I screwed up my newly acquired gunpla -.- but thankfully I can fix :)
    But as of now I’ll never buy testors paint again or use sharpie ^^,
    will try to get my entry to you by tomorrow hopefully,

    The Mk-II is looking pretty sweet right now and I would like to see how it is after you get your crazy ideas on to the gundam k :D so update often ^^

  10. Ed, nice call :D

    Chaosblade, I just spray after assembly this time around.

    Zro, looking forward to it!

    Ckai Cydek, using gloss would make sense in your case ^^

    Chris, already? But I’m not even done with the model yet ^^;

    Roy, o0o this experiment is gonna be a mess…

  11. Oh…you’re gonna weather it?

    Good luck with that. Might I recommend the Tamiya weathering kit – the one with powder pastels that look like makeup, as well as the Gundam Marker Weathering Set?

    I don’t have the guts to try out weathering on an expensive MG, so I tried serious weathering techniques on a 1/100 Turn A instead (got it a few years back for 50% off on sale!).

  12. Experimenting ftw, did a MG and a part of a PG today, used the MG to test how well pencil panel lines and top coat work and am now applying it to the PG.

    Also Z, whats your average building time on an MG?

  13. Ckai, i’ve always wanted to get that set…forgot to pick it up with my last order

    Saito, ohhhhhh anywhere between 2.5 weeks and a month. I consider to be done with it when I release the review.

  14. Maybe it’s not fully done yet but I can feel that I’m starting to like it a lot by just the upper body which looks good with topcoat. And you know how much I love the old Gundam’s design.

  15. So, you feel its nicer on semi-gloss coat? I never tried ones from Mr.Hobby though. Only one from Tamiya. Coated it on my MG Destiny but somehow, doesn’t like it very much. Maybe you can do a comparison between both of them. I am sourcing out for the Matt version from Mr.Hobby and testing it on my WIP MG HiNu to see the difference.

  16. haha a testbed gundam. gloss one part of it till it’s shiny like a car, weather one part of it like it’s been through many battles, & pastel another part of it. i seem to like lighter-coloured gundams though. can try metallic colours on it too.

  17. Z, the Tamiya Weathering Kit is really great for adding soot and dirt and making it look natural, whereas the Gundam Weathering Markers look great if you’re good with wash.

    I add some dirt and soot and burn marks(rims of rifles, bazookas, and boosters) with the powders and since wash is best done with the markers, I use them for runny, rust-laden spots and places that look like they’ve been sunk in murky water for too long.

    Still, I wouldn’t dare weather my expensive MGs. I’ll just wait for a sale to come along and grab a cheaper HG 1/100.

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