WISP 3: Weathering


I know… You can’t really notice anything… but it is there. I weathered the head, shoulders, and the body. Was trying to give it that normal dirty look but find it quite difficult because it conflicts with my “clean model” mentality ^^;


I tried going for the GFF kinda of weathered look on the black parts. If you have a GFF, you probably sometimes noticed some brown here and there on some areas.


Swear it doesn’t need to be shown so up close to be seen and it’s a lot dirtier than it looks ^^;. It sure adds a bit of depth to the model if done properly though.  Experiment neither fail nor a success so far… seeing how I could still have that “clean” look without doing any more.

Now to answer this before anyone ask: I’m using Mr. Hobby Weathering Pastel.


22 thoughts on “WISP 3: Weathering

  1. you should try using the large gundam markers,just colour it onto the brush then brush the edges of the model,works realy realy well and quite cheap, also if you over do it you can always ton it down by using an penicl eraser hope this helps.i have photos of my weatherd/battle damage SD exia r2 on my fb http://www.facebook.com/tekkenlord have a look if you want (Y)

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