The Eternal Wind is Blowing…

Can’t start photoshooting the MK-II until tomorrow because I actually haven’t topcoated the legs yet ^^;. I was going to start Shining Gundam but I’m lacking some supplies… so on to the F91 we go! I’m curious to see for myself just how much of a midget this thing is compared to….oh, my MG Ex-S.


– Final submission due NEXT MONDAY 6/22! Regardless whether I’m done with Mk-II’s review or not.

– Those who already submitted an entry can make ONE revision (as in…turn in something totally different or make better adjustments… I don’t care). I haven’t looked at any of the entry yet. You have to re-submit THE ENTIRE BATTLE if you’re going to revise something (not just a shot or two) because I’ll be replacing your original entry completely.

– Anything and everything you want to do is entirely up to you (while still keeping my criteria in mind)… and I’ll ding or give you props accordingly :)

DISCLAIMER: By entering this contest, you allow me, the judge, to openly praise or tear apart your entry on this blog as I see fit :)

I AM JOINING THE CONTEST. But not to compete. In fact, I want ALL OF YOU to judge my entry. I will adhere to my own rules as well. Feel free to comment or chew it out however you see fit. I will photoshoot my entry before I take a look at the others. Think of it as a way to establish my credentials as the judge for this contest (and to satisfy a disheartened fellow) ^^;. Wouldn’t make sense for me to judge if my entry sux compared to everyone else’s or if I actually can’t meet my own criteria…

– Good luck to all of you!


40 thoughts on “The Eternal Wind is Blowing…

  1. While I think the kit looks good (better than anime design I’d say), I’m now questioning if it (the joints) can withstand through the photoshoot…

  2. Z: Well, I thought it was worth suggesting. I don’t have the GFFs in question, but thought they’d be more accurate. Now that I think of it, I think they can’t keep the height of new versions of older releases the same. I think the newer “Ver. Ka-ized” Full Armor Gundam is taller than the older, more Okawara-ish Full Armor (the first ever GFF). I was about to suggest maybe Katoki didn’t want the F91 to be a 15-meter-tall Gundam but rather taller before I remember how GFF RX-78-2 ver. Ka figures (whether the GM-switching, Full Armor-adding, or Perfect-adding) tend to somewhat very in size. *shrug* Oh, well. My Wing ver. Ka GFF is a little taller than my HGFA Wing models, even though they’re supposed to be around the same height (give or take 0.2 or .3 meters on full scale).

    Good news though (I think): I got my HGUC GP02A finished! Two MLRS rocket tubes won’t fully shut though, and I made a few mess-ups (marker mayhem mainly, but most notably reversing a PC component on both elbow joints), but it still seems to work out fine thus far (I can move the arms).

  3. swat the fly!!! swat the fly!!! haha. LOL. f91 is so small. crossbone is from the f90 lineup of gundams right? im just curious cuz i traced the line of the f90 family and found out that wing gundam and justice, infinite justice, freedom, strike freedom and destroy gundam are all part of the same family though at different universes. LOL. im not sure. just my two cents. and as for the midget trend for the f90 lineup, destroy gundam sure is the black sheep of the family… XD

  4. BE VERY VERY VERY CAREFUL when u’re assembling that wing like thing on its back.
    I broke it while assembling. the joint that connects it to the back and one other part which i cant rmb which.

  5. Cons;

    Thin inner frame for legs.
    Quick loosen arm joints.
    Fall off parts (E.g. front skirts, the small yellow arrow-like and fingers…)

    Em..think that’s all I can think off while looking at my F91…


  6. GAH!!

    I had a real bad experience with my F91. Mostly due to my ignorance:

    One of the VSBR’s inner rails that allows the outside cover of the rifle to slide out to reveal it’s trigger snapped off! No amount of epoxy could fix that mistake. It happened when I tried to force the cover closed then tried to slide it open again.

    Bottom line: I’m NEVER gonna topcoat any piece that slides ever again. I almost made the same mistake with my MG Turn A’s missile silos.

    I’m gonna buy a replacement F91 in the future…the far, far future. Fortunately, this is one of the cheaper MGs you can get.

  7. wow… seems like almost everyone already have a F91 or knows just about everything about it while I’m still pretty ignorant o_o. Is there even a need for me to review this model? xD

  8. yes there is a need! im sure theres still people who havent got it yet.
    and u can consolidate all the pros n cons so others can be very careful while assembling it! =D

  9. i dont have an f91 and would love you to make a review for me so that i’ll assess if im gonna buy it or not Z. LOL. the f91 doesnt look good as a gundam IMO. XD

  10. Um, as to your latest blurb as of almost fifteen minutes ago (as of this comment), if you’re lucky. At least on my part. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see others. The 22nd has yet to come.

  11. Just a heads up Z,

    My entry is on the way! The original compressed folder was about 37.7 MB so I split up the pictures into 4 separate compressed folders. So there are four emails heading you way with part of my entry in each one. If for some reason you can’t get the pics off of the compressed folder you can go to my photobucket account ( and view the folder blog contest entry. The images should be there in less than an hour from posting this comment.

  12. the only reason why I skipped getting this MG is because its too small. Even though its cheap, i prefer ones that are a bit bigger. I still like the design though.

  13. I’ve been interested in MG F91 lately, thanks to your introduction. And there’s plenty more in my local shop! But I was afraid that this model is fragile, like some people mentioned. It sure looks tempting, with its abundance of gimmicks.

  14. 7swords, I got it… you know… you could’ve resized the pics and they would all easily fit under a few megs :P

    The F91 is looking VERY tiny…

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