My Entry Preview


Here’s a preview shot for my own entry. 2.0 vs 2.0. What a faithful encounter. Don’t expect anything fancy out of the battle though. Now before anyone gets scared that I’ll win my own contest… like I said before, this is completely separate from the rest (as a matter of fact, this is actually part of the review). Again, Doing it for judge credentials (can’t judge anyone if I can’t do it myself) to see if I did make the contest too hard and if I should ante up the prize ^^. I still haven’t looked at anyone’s entry yet but I’ve downloaded them to my comp already.


The MK-II is looking really good… even though  I do kinda hate to admit it ^^;. Here’s my favorite part…


The boxart pose wouldn’t be possible without the rotating waist :)


27 thoughts on “My Entry Preview

  1. 14 entries. I’ll be posting them all up. I looked at my box… it doesn’t say anything; no markings, no stickers, no indications. Looks like you just gotta check the runners

  2. Haha Z I think ill do that, but from where I buy, the HD’s cost the same as the normal one, if not a couple dollars more. Ill think about it thanx!

  3. I think I might spray some gloss white testors enamel I just bought spray paints and decal set with a brush set. What do I wsu decal set on? The seals, the dry transfer, rub transfer, or the waterslides? thx

  4. I was just saying darker background because the white suits tend to blend in with the background, making them much harder to see. The contrasting colors would bring out the details much better too.

  5. srry z. Im asking about using Testors decal set because I heard the HD versions of the Zeta MG waterslides arent the best, so would I use that on the areas where Im applying the decals?
    I know how to apply waterslides its just Ive never used decal set. Ill try it

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