The Review! Gundam MK-II 2.0!

How appropriate I finished the review the day I’ll be closing the submission for the contest. Check it out- The MG Gundam MK-II Ver. 2.0 AEUG~! And with that, I’m satisfied with my AEUG collection.

Now on to the competition… I will sort through everyone’s entry and post them up tomorrow. First off, here’s my entry for all of you to rate (it’s in the review too). Praise whatever you want and criticize wherever you see fit ^^. It’s all fair game. Did it in exactly 20 shots and thought that was fairly easy with a bit of a challenge as I had to cut out some poses. To make rating easier, I’ll be using this format (feel free to use this to rate too):

Props (the positives)- (examples: pictures are clear +1, good angle +1, nice backdrop +1, etc etc…)

Dings (negatives)- (too blurry -1, background sucks -1, bad posing -1 etc etc…)

The winner will be the one who has the MOST PROPS after subtracting dings.

Now on to the battle…


This battle will be the benchmark to how I rate all the other entries :). Can’t wait to see all of them!



16 thoughts on “The Review! Gundam MK-II 2.0!

  1. Wow battle looks great, but a lot of melee fighting a not so much pew pew ^^ I had a great idea of another battle couldn’t redo my entry because I had family come over but had a great time with the first entry. Will post up my new battle but not for the contest just for me blog ^^

  2. Niceee, and idk, the battle looked kinda plain with just a beam saber in it, but I love that last flying kick (caught him clean), wish I had time to submit an entry, I was (still am) very busy this month…

  3. After looking at your battle shots, I realised how rookie I am at this. It makes me embarrassed even to think I had any chance in this contest. Even without comparing with other contestants, I already feel intimidated by your entry alone. >.<;;

  4. Sebastian, doesn’t having your entire body split in two make up for that though? ^^;

    Roy, found both Gundams’ weaponry a bit boring to have fun so turned it to an all out fist fight. Can’t wait to see your other battle, your first one was pretty good ^^

    Beamknight, from what I saw of yours…I think you kinda don’t need it :D

    AstrayP03 and Chris, don’t worry… don’t worry :)

    Yoseh, there will be more chances ^^

  5. Damn damn damn…. hate you Z…. hahahaha (joking)…. your work makes me jealous…. hahahaha… by the way congratulations for the completion of this Mark II… I gave my sister in law the Titan version last Christmas (the so called Limited Edition bla bla bla) …. when she finished building it… it look so awesome and make me wanting to own one as well… but few months later now, she complains about the stickers…

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