UPDATED: Added my ratings

Even though I only have 14 entries, there are over 200 photos to upload so I’ll be split the showing into two parts (with the second coming later after I wake up). Spectactors! You can also be judges as well! You can vote using this format and following the criteria :



I’ll count your vote if you provide a constructive opinion, but I’ll ignore any overly enthusiastic “OMHARUHI battle x ROCKS/BESTEST/1337!”-style comments. I haven’t personally rated any of the battles but will fill in my two cents for the first part after I post the second part, then fill in the second part and see who has the most points (props) to be the winner. It’ll make sense when everything happens ^^;. Now let’s begin!

Battle 1


Props: Clear shots +1, beam sabers +1, backdrop +1, last shot +1

Dings: Lack of camera angles -2, stiff poses -1

Total: 1 Point

Comments: Fight looked a bit static and hard to tell where the fight is going. Couldn’t tell what was going on with the first few shots.

Battle 2


Props: Creativity +5, hotblooded + 3, Comedy +3

Dings: lighting -1

Total: 10

Comments: Is that my GFF Nobel?! XD I did say I wouldn’t ding nor prop for dialogues but this battle was almost borderline relying on them to get the humor across so I could’ve ding for that Good job ^^

Battle 3


Props: Big fight +2, chaotic +1

Dings: poses -3

Total: 0

Comments: Dinged you hard since most of the models are basically just standing there, makes the fight look rather weak. The worst pose being Strike on the action base in 6. I have all those models so I know they can do a lot better poses. Sorry ^^;

Battle 4


Props: CLEAN SHOTS! +5, backdrop +1, lighting +2, scenario +2, last shots +2

Dings: Chairs and HLJ box? -1, stiff -1

Total: 10

Comments: I can see EVERYTHING in your shots :D. Your area gives a great “battle arena” feel to it and I liked how WZC actually looks like it is flying in the last shot. Had to ding the chairs and hlj box though… kinda ruined the feel a bit ^^;. As for the “stiff” posing, I’m referring to how the models don’t look very…enthusiastic in the fight in some of the shots. Example: Shin Musha cutting the Fin Funnel with Katana… just standing there?

Battle 5

IMG_1199IMG_1202IMG_1204IMG_1209IMG_1211IMG_1213IMG_1215IMG_1218IMG_1219IMG_1220IMG_1223IMG_1224IMG_1229IMG_1232Sayonara Exia!!!

Props: lighting +1

Dings: Poses -2, Not much going on -1, unecessarily long -1, some repetitive shots -1

Total: -4

Comments: Hmm… there’s not much going on here. I think this fight could’ve been done easily in 4-5 shots and then use the remaining 15 or so for more variety. I mean… 20 shots just to slice Exia? o_0 Poses aren’t interesting either ^^;

Battle 6


Props: backdrop +1, lighting +1, some good poses +1, some good angles +1

Dings: some blurs -1,

Total: 3

Comments: While some shots were clean, some were blurry. Some shots were at great angles like Throne clashing with Akatsuki…then the following shot (19) made me o_O because I had no idea what happened to Akatsuki. It looked like he was downed. And what happened to Red Frame?

Battle 7


Props: Kinda hard to find any… ^^;

Dings: poses -2, wait, what just happened? -1

Total: -3

Comments: The photos look like it was taken with a not so good camera (phone) so I didn’t ding on blurriness but even ignoring that, the fight doesn’t seem interesting… and felt like it was ended in the middle. While Amatsu’s articulation might be limited, the Red Frame could’ve done better.

Alright. Hope no one take my ratings personally ^^;. I tried to avoid seeing who’s entry is who’s and save all the files anonymously. I know all of you put in a lot of effort and time into the entries but i can’t be going “great job!” on every one of them… that’s just not honest.

Now on to part two…


33 thoughts on “1st Half! GUNDAMU FIGHTO!

  1. Yay! Thanks, Z!

    Now for my ratings.
    Battle 1- I like how the beam sabers were held off-camera to look as if the Virtue/Seraphim was being disarmed by quick disarming moves.

    Battle 2- Captain Falcon would make the perfect Burning Gundam pilot!

    Battle 3- I like the toy story-esque story. Maybe reach into your inner Gundam for some better poses?

    Battle 4- Very nice! Were the fin funnels holding onto the Shin Musha’s weapons trying to disarm him or were they being cut down by him? I saw it as they were trying to keep him from moving/attacking. But then Z says they were being cut down.

    Battle 5- Sorry, dude. Maybe next time you’ll get a better idea of what Z is looking for? :D
    Although……that could make a pretty sweet flip book or stop motion video!

    Battle 6- I reeeally like how they were all fighting for ramen. Ramen!

    Battle 7- I like how crossbone ends with his cape all dramatic-y.

  2. Just adding my two cents.

    Battle 1:
    The lack of different angles make this battle feel too static, also, the lightning could have been better. The placement of the beam sabers and the last shot are really good details.
    My score – 6/10

    Battle 2:
    The lightning varies a little too much for my liking between shots, but that aside, this one is awesome. Falcon PUNCH FTW!
    My score – 10/10

    Battle 3:
    Is dat sum toy story? Nice idea, but not properly executed due to the background and static poses.
    My score – 5/10

    Battle 4:
    This one is mine. Guess the outside shots and custom color Destiny reveals it. It surprises me I’m actually the only one who used an outside background, as it gives you perfect lighting. As Z said, the Shin Musha was a little too stiff due to the very same model (making it to hold its weapons is a pain in the ass), so that’s why the shots where he slices the funnels didn’t came out as dynamic as I would have liked. The HLJ box was a clear mistake I failed to notice and to make it worse; all the other similar shots were too blurry to replace it. The table weighs a ton so I couldn’t move it, but I guess I could have taken care of the chairs.
    The final shot is my favorite, although it was extremely hard to take (the Gundam heads kept falling all the time and that shot is from a second floor…)
    My score – 9/10

    Battle 5:
    Too slow motion. Bet the sequence makes an awesome gif. Sadly, the repetitive shots are way too many. I think the battle could have been way more dynamic given the good lightning.
    My score – 5/10

    Battle 6:
    Ramen! But what happened to the Red Frame and Enact? Did they chicken out? The battle between Zwei and Akatsuki is great although some of the pics are blurry.
    My score – 7/10

    Battle 7:
    A challenger appears? At least that’s what I understand from the sequence. Sorry, but all the pics are way too blurry, although a Red Frame with two katanas is damn sexy lol.
    My score – 4/10

  3. haha… about the battle 3 poses… it’s cus they collected quite a lot of dust in the joints so i couldn’t make them do nice poses cus they were rather stiff lolz…

    ah well… expected to get creamed anyway… gonna start cleaning my shelf after i finish my unicorn ^^

  4. haha… about the battle 3’s lack of poses… it’s actually because my cabinet actually collected quite alot of dust so the joints were rather stiff…

    ah well, expected to get creamed anyway…. guess i gotta clean out my cabinet after i finsh my unicorn ^^

    Battle 2 & 4 FTW! well, at least until my part II finish loading XD

  5. Um…one little addition to my rant: Though battle 2 is great in terms of comedy, if it’s judged according to the theme Gundam fight, there were more comedies than fights though.

  6. Now that Z mentioned it, does Acedude really print out the pictures of GFF Nobel Gundam? That’s impressive. XD

  7. Thanks a lot everyone!!
    I said in the winner’s post that I tried to hold it in until the winner has been announced cause I thought it woulda been good contestant etiquette.

    Thanks for all the comments guys. Even though I didn’t win, all of your comments really made it worth it.
    Everytime I saw a comment I jumped up and yelled and my friend was like “wtf?”
    It was a good run.
    but yeah, Chris has got a point. I was thinking battle 4 woulda won over mine in case of tie-breaker cause his was more pure simple mech-carnage.
    I designed a battle intertwined with humor. Even a lil’ robot romance in the first pic. XD
    But looks like another battle scored more than 10 points.
    I would have liked to win a Geara Doga, but maybe that would have been like Paris Hilton or Megan Fox being elected President.
    Or maybe if that one candidate won because he was endorsed by Chuck Norris.

    Yes, I did, Chris! I was looking for a picture of a Nobel Gundam and was like “How funny would it be to steal the picture from Z’s??XD”
    I focus on comedy in life too. I like it. And also awesomeness.
    Only member of the high school’s comedy club for 3 years! :D

    I got soo many ideas per day. That exacto knife funnel being one of the best. It can penetrate any gunpla’s armor! PS or ABS! haha
    I had to learn from an online knot guide how to tie knots that would hold up the RX-78’s fin funnels! Hangman’s noose! haha. It kept telling me “Do NOT use this knot around someone’s neck.”
    That headband is modeled after my own. AceDude’s always gotta wear his headband when he’s out piloting or in public!
    Bandai should hire me to design models like Katoki. I would make the decals easier for Z. haha
    AND include a headband. Just take a model, add a headband, and it’s Ver. Ace
    My RX-78 now stands proud with it.
    If anyone wants to know how to put a headband on, just take off the v-fin, cut a slit or hole in the cloth so the v-fin’s can snap through it back on. Put the V-fin on, and THEN tie around.
    If anyone else has any questions, feel free to ask.

  8. haha It actually took me a few moments to realize that was my GFF nobel xD. Goes to show how well I remember my own photos. That was a good one actually. I should try that headband gimmick of yours.

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