Continuing on from the previous post, here is the final half of the entries!

Deathscythe X

Above contribution courtesy of Eyeshield30 ^^

Battle 8

misc 083

Props: N/A

Dings: N/A

Total: N/A

Comment: I remember the contestant telling me he didn’t have accesss to this models so he just sent me his previous photo…though it still lacked a fight ^^;

Battle 9


Props: Pretty chaotic…

Dings: N/A… I can ding some here and there but no point…

Total: Seems like I missed the battle…?

Battle 10


Props: Great fight +2, nice poses +1, some good angles +1

Dings: kinda got lost in the middle -1, weak finish -1

Total: 2

Comment: It started out great… then I kinda had no idea what was going on in the middle… and it felt like it just ended ^^;

Battle 11


Props:Some good shots +1, clear +1, good action +1, strong start +1, good angle +1

Dings: Poses turned static near the end -1

Total: 4

Comment: This battle had a great start, very catchy. Love the stomp on Buster. Nice angles. It was at the end where the models poses became a bit… stiff and tightened.

Battle 12


Props: Good lighting effect (shadows) +2, some nice shots +1, good start +1

Dings: Not too much of a fight -1

Total: 3

Comment: Could’ve done it without the word bubbles ^^;. It actually ruined some of the shots that would’ve otherwise looked really badass. Seems more provoking than actual fighting.

Battle 13


Props: Creativity +5, Beamsabers + 3, Great camera angles +2, varied poses +2, good battle +2, easy to follow +1

Dings: backdrop -1, Saviour looks like a wooden dummy(stiff) -1, missing one beam saber at the crotch

Total: 13

Comment: Great fight man. Action all the way and to the point. Awesome creative use of weapons for attack and effect. THIS is what I was looking for :)


7 thoughts on “2nd Half! GUNDAMU FIGHTO! GOOO!

  1. Just adding my two cents.

    Battle 8:
    Just one shot? The sunlight makes a great effect on SF but… these 2 titans could have performed a full go all out brawl!
    My score – 2/10

    Battle 9:
    Seems like an epic fight took place… but I think we would have liked to see it lol. The background is a little too dark, not to mention the whole sequence is just one shot taken from different angles. Some action would have been much better.
    My score – 5/10

    Battle 10:
    Seems like Green Frame is touchy lol. Great sequence of the duel and the use of different angles. However, some of the close up shots are blurry. I can’t say much about the background as I know it is intended to be kept as simple as possible as the real focus are the Gundams themselves.
    My score – 8/10

    Battle 11:
    Samurai showdown? The real cake here is the battle between Exia and the Gold Frame, there are some very cool angles there (pics 124 and 154 especially) and the finishing pose is really good. However, the lightning varies too much between the two fights.
    My score – 9/10

    Battle 12:
    LOL WAT. Cheesy lines make me grin from time to time. All I have to say is that Zwei had a horrible day. I really liked the final group pic and the use of different angles and close ups. Cons… some of the lines can’t be read at all (could have used white instead of red) and also, some of the pics are really blurry.
    My score – 8/10

    Battle 13:
    HOLY SHIT, BEAM SABERS EVERYWHERE! That shot of the Avalanche with its hand full of them is awesome. Aside Saviour getting brutalityowned this one had the sequence and poses I liked the most.
    My score – 10/10

  2. Z you resized the pics and made mines a little blurry :( no biggy tho xD great entries ;D and 13….wow that’s a crap load of beams O.O

  3. Part 2:
    Battle 8: Mike’s? Hehe, can’t say much.

    Battle 9: Lighting, background is not good. And….maybe should have one picture only like Battle 8?

    Battle 10: Feels a bit like in slow motion.Then the end was a bit quick. Bye bye, Green Frame. But the battle was nice.

    Battle 11: It was okay until the end where Exia stop Amatsu’s beam saber with GN sabers, then suddenly next picture, stabs…(where did the GN sabers go?) with GN daggers.

    Battle12: Can’t really read the words unless you open up the picture. The second picture….Swords Impulse reference? The last picture was cheesy too.

    Battle 13: …

    I thought they were 14 entries?
    Arms Installation complete? Danny Choo’s Axelay’s reference?

  4. ah ha! my bad. i didn’t follow up nicely regarding the contest rules. but on top of that, inability to access to my gundam models at home is my biggest trouble. I only have GFF Mk-III, GFF Deep Striker and HGUC NU with me at my hostel. Don’t have a proper camera with me as well. Never mind, i still enjoy taking part in this contest! after seeing all the entries, now i know what I should have done in order to take part in this contest. Anyway, thanks Z for putting this up! And cheers to all the contestants! :P

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