The Winner!


It was a tough battle… many casualties on both side… but the war is finally over. Peace has come at last. blah blah blah. So yes… I am pleased to announce the winner of this Gundam Fight. Congratulations to Chris and his Avalanche Exia vs Saviour Gundam Battle. Here are some of the hightlights:


I gotta hand it to him for the use of beam sabers and effect parts. The camera angles complimented the dynamic poses very well. Just fight fight fight till the very end. He covered most of what I wanted to see out of this contest.

Honorable mentions goes to Acedude and his entry, Battle 2:

Very creative here as well and there is never enough hotblood in Gundam.

Also Beamknight87 and his entry, Battle 4:

Definitely has the clearest shots out of all the entries. Crystal clear.

Let’s all give ourselves a hand for the effort we put into this contest. Don’t be let down if you didn’t win, there will be more chances ^^. As of a matter of fact, I already know what to do for the next contest! Even though you might not win the prize, I hope most of you actually gained some new ideas from seeing other people’s work. Seeing everyone’s entries gave me some new photography ideas to play around with :D. Lastly, I hope you all enjoyed this and had a little fun at the very least. Thank you all for participating!

Chris, I know what you want already but I’ll email you again just to confirm so wait a bit ^^. Again, congratulations!


32 thoughts on “The Winner!

  1. Wow the contest surely went fast – didn’t notice it until now o_o

    Not an easy contest in order to do well, I have to say, but great effort for those who have submitted their entry!

  2. SKILL MY HEART! 次元の彼方へ
    物語を飛ばせ I’LL NEVER DIEEEE!
    SKILL MY SOUL!!! 何度でも・立ち上がれ!!
    未来が俺を・導く限り 不死身さ.

    Yup… great song…very hotblooded *sheds manly tears* Oh how I feel like playing Dai-2-ji SRW@ now. xD

    Acedude, I’ll give you a hint about the next contest… actually I’ll tell you right now so everyone can prepare for it! The name of the game will be “home look”… Yes. Everyone is to compete against me at what I do on this blog. Contestants must build a model, photograph WIPs, make an all-out photoshoot, and review the model and covering as many aspects as possible. Winner (as in, the review actually beats MINE) gets whatever I have in stock in my room…

    Chris, your blu-tack isn’t exactly… blue ^^;. Though I figured out it was that eventually, at first it looked like you used a wad of gum. xD

    Oh by the way, I was just joking about the “home look” contest… :P

  3. Awww….you were joking?
    I already had loophole questions! XD
    Oh, so you guys already knew the song?
    Hehe, I pulled out a hairband/tiara and put it on for the girl parts.
    Have you seen the any of Jam Project’s concert videos on youtube? I even got the crowd to chant Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! with their fists in the air during the piano presolo.

  4. I guess I should try to join the next contest~

    As of right now, I only have the Char Zaku II 2.0 and the whole HG 2nd gen 00 Gundams, but I already ordered the Unicorn and building the OYW RX-78. If I could just get my hands on the (EXPENSIVE >_:3

  5. Congrats to the winner! This was an awesome competition, really enjoyed seeing all the entries and just wish i’d participated, maybe next time :)

  6. what about it? I did say there’s only going to be ONE winner for the contest. If it was a regular, they get a HG1/144…if non-regular, they get a SD.

  7. Ohhhhh. I got it. I thought there was going to be a regular and non-regular winner. Good thing that’s the one rule I misinterpreted. haha
    Were there any non-reg entries?

  8. @Acedudeyeah: Well, I think Z did make it clear that there would only be one winner in the rules. Now that you mentioned it, I don’t really know who joins and which belongs to who?

    1 : don’t know
    2 : Acedudeyeah
    3 : AstrayP03
    4 : Beamknight87
    5 : don’t know
    6 : Gunstray
    7 : don’t know
    8 : mike
    9 : don’t know
    10: rndm
    11: don’t know
    12: Roy
    13: Me XD

    That’s 5 unknown, presumably sbhboi, AceWhatever, rokiroad? Ugh, still left 2.

    That’s all I can find and guess with my *ahem*detective skills. How close was I, Z?

  9. I already deleted all the emails after reading them and downloading their files ^^;. Plus I tried to make it so that I don’t memorize anyone’s entry (except the obvious) so I can judge them all “anonymously”. I think you’re very close though and all the ones you can name are correct… ^^;. 1, 7, 9, and 11 are regulars I think but forgot which is which. Only 5 was someone I don’t know for sure. I was hoping everyone would claim their own…

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