Yay! Got My DS Lite… UPS Still Fails…


Yea… I’m a few years late in joining the DS party but hey, it’s still highly popular ^^ (meaning more games to be release). I was quite shocked to learn that both Polar White and Onyx (the pokemon?) Black were discontinued a LONG time ago. Newegg is the only place that still has the black in stock. I can’t trust any of the DS Lite on ebay because half of them are fake (LOLChina) and I’m not gonna take the risk. Oh yea… I do like the Pokemon games ^^. Brings back great… elementary school memories.


The black looks much better in person than in photos. The glossy outside have its fair share of fingerprints already… I should give it a dose of matte topcoat…

WARNING! RANT ALERT! I hate UPS with a passion. I cringe with disgust every time I have to use it as a shipping option. They’re the most pathetic and slowest shipping company I’ve ever dealt with. Not once have I ever thought “wow that’s fast” when UPS delivers but it’s always “wow they’re slow as ****”. When they say “guaranteed delivery in 7 days”, they really mean it. THEY DELIVER IN SEVEN DAYS. No matter where. I remember my MG God Gundam and EX-S took just that long to get to me… FROM CALIFORNIA! So much for all those right-turn routes that saves gas and time…pfff. Okay… FIRST CLASS mail from CA only takes 3 days to get to me! So what does this have to do with my DS? Well I got free “3-day select” shipping from Newegg for both the game and the system (they shipped from different states…). The DS shipped last friday and I received it yesterday (is that 3 days?). The game pissed me off the most… It had an “on-time scheduled delivery” the same date as the DS (yesterday) but for no apparent reason, they changed it to today. Even when the game was already in PORTLAND TUESDAY. There was no delivery attempt either.  Icalled UPS to ask WTF happened and why they rescheduled it… the operator didn’t really give a good explanation and just said “well, you picked 3-day select, SIR. Your package was actually shipped on 6/20 so it’ll still be on time on 6/25”. So she was telling me my package’s delivery date was rescheduled so it wouldn’t get here early?!… …… Lastly, when they finally do deliver, I swear they just threw the package as I heard it hit the wall before it hit the ground. Didn’t see as it was right before I opened the door… and guess what? the UPS guy was already almost in front of his truck and just shouted “It’s on the floor!” and left without looking at me… **** YOU! UPS!!!

Sorry… just need to let that out.


35 thoughts on “Yay! Got My DS Lite… UPS Still Fails…

  1. 811, Yup…exactly what that is. Super Robot Wars. The only line-up of games that I play on my PS2 ^^;

    Acedudeyeah, don’t hobbywave use fedex?

  2. Z, what kinds of games are you mainly interested in? What genre of games suit you best? I’m asking since you mentioned again that there aren’t any interesting PSP games for you to try out.

  3. Siroh, I’ve been lost as a gamer for awhile. Don’t really find anything interesting. I used to play all sorts of game provided that it was fun… now I either play nothing or SRW.

    Lilweiser, SRW is all I’ve been playing for the past 7 years!

  4. So you’d be more of a turn-based/RPG guy rather than think of doing anything more action-based? I’m kind-of the opposite, and figured you might have liked something more action-based that had something related to Gundam at least for the PSP or just about any other console out there.

  5. I hear ya Brother – My favorite part, when UPS has your item in their warehouse, but because it would actually get there a day early, they just sit on it for a day before delivering…not a big fan myself.

    Fyi – S gundam is done, stop by korewagundam if you can!

  6. Speaking of influence….Z, you had quite the influence on my buying. Not only Gunpla, now I thought of finally getting a NDS Lite myself too, and black colour on that.

  7. aptkane, will do when comp isn’t so shaky and my connection is stable again!

    Chris, hope you can find the black one ^^. I lucked out. what are you planning on playing?

    By the way… anyone else find the DS Lite to be not very ergonomic? It’s just not very comfortable to hold for awhile…

    1. Haha, can’t believe it’s already more than half a year since my comment here on this post.
      And keeping my word, I got a black NDS Lite, just like yours.

      But I have no plans to get original game tapes, I just downloaded the roms*shhhh*.

  8. As childish as it may sounds, yep, Pokemon too .XP

    I plan to get the Heart Gold/Soul Silver. So, I may get the NDS only by next year.

    By the way, have you heard that games can also be downloaded into some sort of memory so that you don’t actually have to buy the game?

  9. I realised that most of you uses shipping. Why dont you guys just buy it locally?

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