MG Exia is finally looking good…


Finally looking good to me that is. Now THAT I like ^^. Sleek yet still muscular and a sense of power. So I’m guessing the older photos were just at bad angles… but that’s another bad thing for the Exia then if it looks good only at certain angles.


Finally got a good look at the GN Sword. It’s almost as if Bandai heard my cries and decided to fix this model up :D (haha sike). The MG Exia also have other impressive features too. So just like that… I am finally looking forward to reviewing my MG Exia Ignited Ignition Mode when it arrives at my doorstep ^^. Might need waterslide for it too… hmm…

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38 thoughts on “MG Exia is finally looking good…

  1. I’m excited for this kit. Even without the improvements (?) shown here, I’d get it anyway.

    But what I’m really excited for is how they might handle an MG Virtue. The 1/100 was nice, but not great. Can you imagine how heavy that thing will be with a complete internal skeleton, and layers of bulky armor?! The thing’s box might be as big as the G-Fighter’s or dare I say…the Sazabi’s?

    I imagine we’ll probably see lots of MG Exia variants before that happens, though :P

  2. Heh, knew you were gonna change your mind after seeing the latest pictures. I stopped worrying too after seeing all the gimmicks it has. ^o^

  3. New to the site, but I’m loving the photo shots you do for the reviews~

    I have to say that I’m going to stick with the normal MG. Though Ignition looks incredibly awesome, the normal one is half it’s price! I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m not going to use the LED too much, neither the Repair parts (Thought it would make an awesome diorama…), and the metal coating isn’t shown too much on the Long Sword and the Short Sword (But Good-God, does the GN Sword I looking crazy-great)

    Ignition is awesome, no doubt about that, but buying a VERY similar model for half the price? That just takes my cheap heart away~

  4. ^But the first batch for the Ignition Mode is only 5000 Yen which is only 1200 Yen higher than the normal version which costs 3800 Yen. Thus, it makes the Ignition Mode very reasonable, for now. =P

  5. The metallic coating isn’t exactly mekki plating, is it? If not, the same effect can be had using a can of ‘chrome’ or silver/gray metallic spray paint + gloss coat, which will go for $5 or less.

    As for LEDs…I’ve never had the opportunity to assemble them on any kit before, so I could go either way on this. I’ll be thankful for any version I can lay my hands on.

  6. @CKai Cydek: The metallic coating is mekki plating (whatever it means, I’m not sure XP), as stated in katakana.

  7. It is? Oh well. Then the spray thing won’t do as great a job, then.

    Mekki plating is a type of coating that simulates real chrome or mirror-effect plating on model kits, but can basically be applied almost anywhere. As far as I can tell, there’s no kind of spraypaint that creates the perfect sheen of mekki plating. It’s done by special chemical application.

    This coating is used by Bandai on many of their kits, like the gold on the Hyaku Shiki, Akatsuki, and on parts like the Gerbera Straight and Shin Musha Gundam’s bladed weapons, etc.

    I think there’s a Japanese company that sells a kit that can apply multi-colored mekki plating for under $200…

  8. ei kururu you knew i was going to change my mind??? O.o
    wahahahahaha. i changed my mind. maybe im gonna preorder it from a local store… that’s the exia i have in my mind… XD

  9. And it’s finally finished! Sorry to promote my blog on Z’s like this, but check out my completed Crossbone at my blog. And on that note…

    Mind if I add you to my blogroll, Z? Can I also be added to yours?

  10. Zro, I’m cool with you promoting your blog here and all but… at least provide a direct link or something to your blog as well xD.

  11. @CKai Cydek: I doubt we’ll ever see MG Virtue. MG Astraea is quite certain (by Ngee Khiong’s judgement), I’d also bet on MG 0 Gundam and then, and of course MG 00 Raiser. And if those are released then maybe, just maybe, we’ll see other 00 MGs. But it’s not like I wouldn’t like other 00 MGs. Nothing would make me more happy then MG Kyrios :)

    @Goroke: Contrary to you the only feature of IM I like are the LEDs. But Giving over 1000yen more for just 2 LEDs is an overkill (and i’m talking about the first batch, it’s over 2000yen difference after 1st batch is sold out), so I’ll just put those LEDs inside by myself for less than 1$ :)

  12. @yessmaster
    i agree….im having doubts on buying the IM. i think im gonna get the ordinary one and buy some materials for the cape. as for the chrome plated blades, i saw somebody over at a department store using spray paints (industrial spray paint) to paint chrome to some plamo…and im surprised it looked like the real thing….sooooooo shiny and we’re using the same brand of spray paint…maybe im gonna get tips from him how to do it….even masters at using the airbrush can paint chrome so clean using spray paints… XD

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