F91 WISP: Tiny Parts Galore


Here’s what I’ve assembled for the MG Gundam F91 so far. Admittedly, I haven’t been working on this model much recently since I’ve been trying to “catch ’em all” on the DS >_>. But seriously…


This model is difficult to build. And not for a good reason; The parts are TINY! About 1/144 size and some even smaller. imagine trying to hold onto it and clean the nubs with a knife. Not only are the parts small, they are also fragile and thin. I can feel some of the parts bending as I try to snap them in place.


F91’s hideous mugshot face =_=. The dude means serious business…


42 thoughts on “F91 WISP: Tiny Parts Galore

  1. “Don’t ask why does the “heat images” still look like the F91 itself though… dramatic effect perhaps.”
    It’s handwaved by saying that the vents in the face, shoulders, and legs aren’t enough to deal with the excessive heat, so the F91 is designed to shave of the heated surface of the armor. So each time it sheds a thin skin of armor, it produces the brief after image.

    The Formula series and everything else in late UC was smaller because that was the trend with no reason to go back ever arising. Starting with the F90, the new revolution was reduced size with even stronger output than the older models. Being smaller is a significant advantage because it resulted in greater agility and makes for a smaller target in general- you see how badly the enhanced Jegans faired against the Crossbone Vanguard machines in F91. Also against the older models, being 5 meters shorter can create a nice blind spot on them with their cameras set at their normal defaults (ie, set to see other stuff their own size), demonstrated by the Def in the F90 vs Sid in a Geara Doga.

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