MG Exia Ignition Mode Box Art


Just what kind of box art pose is that?! D: That’s almost as bad as the Sword/Launcher Strike box. I do like the drawn look though as opposed to CGI. You’d think Bandai can come up with something better given Sword Impulse and Gouf 2.0’s boxart…

Picture and even post title jacked from the one and only Ngee Khiong ^^

I promise this’ll be my last MG Exia post until my very own arrives ^^;


24 thoughts on “MG Exia Ignition Mode Box Art

  1. You should try those. They have good stocks of MGs, and all sorts of toys and PVC figures, and whatnot. The Special Toy Centers stock Gundam decals, paints, and some Tamiya supplies like cement, weathering kits and toolkits. Lil’s Toy Center in Megamall has a GREAT selection of Tamiya stuff as well.

    And check out any good toy store (like Toy Kingdom) that stocks Gundam kits – they usually stock Gundam decals as well, but you need to specifically ask for them.

    Ah, found this on Youtube, a really short trailer for the MG Exia:

  2. That’s true. Which is why I only buy decals from them – the ones I can’t find anywhere else ^_^

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