MG F91 is Tall…


Looks can be deceiving. The F91 might be small but after putting it together, I realize that it is the same height as the MG Sazabi! Amazing!


Anyway… I’m about to finish the rest of the model (weapons) and apply the decal then I’m calling it good.

Did you all (Americans) had a good Independence Day? I had a blast (literally) ^^;. ~$600 worth burned in two hours xD…


46 thoughts on “MG F91 is Tall…

  1. Z Im so sorry. I bought MG Strike Freedom to spraypaint but for Unicorn…:( I got the titanium finish!!!!!!!!!! It looks great but i didnt paint the clear pink:( btw do you know any places that sell titanium white paint cuz the place where you cut the pices from that kit has HORRID discoloration:It’s black!!!!

  2. Okay, first, looks awesome Z, nice work. Second, that is truly surprising. I wouldn’t think they’d be head to head.

    @ignis, the F91 and Crossbone are the same height. They were made by the same company and are about 5 years apart, so they’re roughly the same frame but the crossbone has newer equipment.

  3. Squacker, wow… the nub color is actually black? That sucks o_o. Sorry but I actually have no clue that there even exist “titanium white” paint ^^;. Best bet I guess I would be doing is painting the nubs in with gloss white.

    Aptkane, did someone actually fell for the photo and description? xD

    lilboi, uhh… just got done fixing my comp… gimme some time.

  4. Ehm i think that the Sazabi in the Photo is not a MG…but a HGUC model…..the F91 is one of the smallest kit bandai ever made….like the crossbone gundam… too smaller than MG RX-78!
    However it remains a very nice model and i say don’t look at the model height too much when you choose one,good evening!

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