Crossbone WISP: Head and Body


Some shots of my progress so far. Yes, I know they don’t look like much now and yes, they are very shiny but these are shots before “finalization” of the parts which you will all see when I’m done with the review :). It’s nothing special really but the irony of it is still worth hiding… xD


Here’s me being an idiot; I cut out the wrong head armor pieces (didn’t look in the manual), took 20 minutes to paint in the stripes THEN realized I cut out the wrong one xD. So I had to cut out the actual one and then spend another good 30 minutes painting in the “scars” for that one. It only takes five minutes to get the paint in but the meticulous work I have to do was a PITA. You know… making sure the paint is even, no “bleeding”, the layers are the same… and I think I could work on it some more if I still give a damn later, seeing how I did a better job on Ver. Ka’s head instead. Remember, it is all the finer details together that makes the Gundam model looks good overall ^^;.


The most badass face out of a Gundam. After seeing this face, I don’t think I could ever go back to that mellow look. This is just so much more sinister xD.

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