Crossbone WISP: Peacock Smasher

Spent a little too much time painting and assembling the Peacock Smasher (blah! the paint is chipping from the sliding parts already). Now I think I’ve taken care of the most tedious part of this model and hopefully I can breeze through the rest… until the end. You know what sucks? Not only is the Peacock Smasher ridiculously heavy but also the socket in the handle is apparently too big for the peg on the palm… so it doesn’t work and the thing just falls right off (initially). I added some paint inside the slot and it somewhat fixed the issue.


I stiffened the joints and fingers to reduce the chances of loose parts and so far I think it is working… ^^


24 thoughts on “Crossbone WISP: Peacock Smasher

  1. Derringer, painting the peg gives the same effect but easier to clean up ^^. I used to use that method as well.

    Kkte, yea… I heard about the muramasa blaster being like that too… I’m keeping that in mind as well

  2. Saito, *goes into psuedo-wisdom mode*… *turns around toward the horizon* you know… come to think about it… all the people who built the Sinanju (myself including) started out with a “HELL YEA!” optimistic tone when they first received the model, and were full of excitement at assembling one of the best MGs out… You know, that Gunpla naivete… all set and ready to give it everything they’ve got to make it look great even fully “knowing” how difficult it looks… but obviously (in EVERY case), just knowing is not enough. Preparing is not enough. Only after being slapped by reality then one realizes “OH ****! WTF IS THIS?!”. No matter how many reviews one might’ve read, it just doesn’t get absorbed until the person dives into the project personally. The project is nowhere near impossible but is still quite more demanding than your average MG. Just imagine… “a little more… a little more… and I’ll be there!”. Just keep in mind the fact that once you’re done, it’s one of the greatest feeling you can get out of building Gundam models… ^^;

  3. @saito
    i agree with z…… it takes me months just to build a single kit….. just have fun building it and think of it as something that is impossible to finish building…. im sure you’ll be surprised when you finish it later on…. you’ll be like “did it really take me that long? no way!!!”….. trust me on this…. its what i do…. XD

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