VAMPS Concert


I crashed into the rolling morning this monday, puking a couple of times and head spinning all day (still suffering a bit even today) BUT I also had a  rockin’ first-time experience; I went to my very first live (rock) concert ^^. It was definitely a new experience and atmosphere.  My manager and I went to see VAMPS at Portland’s Hawthorne Theatre… or in our case, we only went there to see HYDE. For those who don’t know who Hyde is, does L’Arc~en~Ciel ring any bells? Daybreak’s Bell perhaps? Anyway, I was dumbfounded that Hyde/VAMPS would pick Portland as one of the few cities in the US to do a tour O_O. There were many squealing fangirls and I suspect most of them were there for Hyde only as well since all the chanting I heard was “HYDE! HYDE! HYDE!” and conversations about how hot he is before the performance began. When the band appeared, I had a very hard time recognizing Hyde until he started singing because his appearance was unlike anything I’ve seen him in before – Like this (wow, someone else actually managed to catch a clip). However he might’ve looked like, there is no mistaking his vocals… his voice definitely kicks ass!

I believe this was the first song that kicked off the concert. Solid good rock to get everyone jumping :D. Man… everyone was jumping and pumping so hard that the wooden floor was actually shaking and wobbling. The music was so loud that my lungs and stomach were vibrating the whole time xD. Not to mention my ears feel like they were going deaf 20 minutes in…

After a couple of songs, Hyde stopped to do a little chat… and his English is pretty awesome xD. He can use the F word with class!

“It’s FAWKING HAWT en hea… well, it’s about to get even HAWTA”


“there are many little shops around hea. around hea? o_O around here! I like it a lot :)”

“Eeeh… What should I sing? o.O” some from the audience: “READY STEADY GO!”, “DAYBREAK’S BELL!” Hyde: *shakes head with a smile* Me: oh you Otakus… xD

His “normal” voice sounds almost like a kid… wasn’t really expecting that given that he has one of the manliest voice in J-music ^^;. Here’s my favorite song from the concert:

Ahaha some time during the concert, Hyde threw water from his bottle onto the crowd and I was one of the (un)fortunate ones at the receiving end of it… mmm Hyde germs… it had a nice cooling effect though since the room was building up in body heat and humidity xD. Everybody was rocking out, including what seems to be “Mom and Dad” next to me; everyone was just having a blast. Too bad I couldn’t take any photos since there were guards on every corner waiting to throw people out for doing it.

I was hoping to hear him say “MY WISHES OVER THEIR AIRSPACE” but alas, wrong band ^^;. Wishful thinking aside,  There were many great songs during the concert and I liked most of them. It took me till after the concert for the fact that I was only about 15-20 ft away from Hyde to sink into me. I mean… wow… Hyde, the person who sang many of my all-time favorite songs (especially for driving… Driver’s High anyone?), is pretty much standing in front of me rockin’ his guitar… Wish I could’ve gave him a high five too though ^^;. Oh well, it was an awesome night nonetheless…


10 thoughts on “VAMPS Concert

  1. lol Hyde’s germs. I didn’t know he had a different band too like T.M. Revolution with Abingdon Boys’ School. So, that’s why Hyde can’t sing the something bell over the airspace. lol

    Seems like you had a great time. Though I do feel bad for your eardrums ringing (*bell*) after the concert. XD

  2. For J-pop, L’arc~en~Ciel is pretty much the only one I’d really focus and listen to (let’s ignore anime OPs and EDs aside for now). How great is that you get to see Hyde in VAMPS Concert! I heard that he’s collaborating with them at the moment as L’arc~en~Ciel is currently on hiatus again with each member doing their own work.

    And Hyde throwing water out – he does that in each of the concerts so far; I got sprayed by him too when they came to Hong Kong last summer!


    Too bad here in Vancouver the concerts I ever gonna find are all non J-Rock :( .
    I really hope Laruku would consider a tour to Vancouver.. or better yet, the GazettE or Nightmare (their music are die for…) XD .

  4. Chris, yea it only started not too long ago and this was their way of promoting it ^^. My hearing was muffled out for a good half an hour but I was fully expecting that xD…

    Q, Awesome! another L’arc listener besides just anime songs ^^ (LOVED how Konata poked fun at that). Was sticking out his tongue seductively and rolling his eyes part of his acts during your concert too? xD

    Lilboi, c’mon… gotta appreciate good rock.

    kkte, I’d love to hear them live too! “ORE NO UTA WO KIKE!”

    Rady, which Vancouver do you live in? (Canada or WA)

  5. It was one of the greatest show ever. Being a fan in the US, it has been difficult trying to get a glimpse of what HYDE is like. Finally, I have a chance to see HYDE live. It was amazing. PDX? Seriously? I have to say the sound guy at Hawthorne Theater did not really do his jobs. One of the worst sound setup ever. Other than that, it was simply amazing. The mix of feminine gesture and his super man voice was just so attractive. Hopefully HYDE likes PDX so much, he can bring L’arc~en~ciel here as well. Rock On!

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