Crossbone X-1: Almost Done…


Just a quick shot right before I have to leave the house for the next 24 hours. Who would’ve thought it is actually as tall as the Wing Ver. Ka? ^^



16 thoughts on “Crossbone X-1: Almost Done…

  1. So far, so great Z! And chances are I’m ordering the chemicals tonight, since they’re cheap. And I’m surprised at Wing Gundam’s height. I’d have expected it to be taller…

  2. Trust me when I say this… the model looks like crap now… until completion. You can save the compliments for then ^^; Thank you!

  3. Another size comparison, huh? XD

    Hmm, it may look cool to leave the armour off for Crossbone because ,well , it’s “bone” after all. And it has cape like MG Exia (oh wait, the ver.Ka’s cape is more similar to Exia’s).

  4. Eyeshield, unlike the Sandrock’s cloak, the ABC Mantle that the Crossbone uses serves a very helpful purpose.

  5. Z, by “as tall as the Wing Ver. Ka” you mean “has no height at all”, right?

    aptkane, Is there even a purpose for Sandrock’s cloak?
    And just because you didn’t say, ABC is Anti-Beam Cloak.

  6. Ok, I suddenly have to raise a flag on this one, because I just remembered that you have the MG & GFF Wing Gundam Ver. Ka., leaving us to figure which Wing Gundam the Crossbone is as tall as. You slick devil you…

  7. I think he means the MG one, if i’m not wrong, all Gundam from W Gundam series have approx. 16-17 metre height. Thats about 16-17 cm at 1/100 scale. Just like X bone.

  8. I don’t think I remember seeing Sandrock’s cloak being put to ANY use… xD

    Zro, hahaha I actually had that planned but the GFF actually looked too obvious so it was a no go xD.

  9. The Crossbone is “15.9m” so it should stand 15.9cm tall. XP
    Hrm, tha’s weird, shouldn’t Crossbone be shorter than the Wing then? =P

  10. My crossbone seems the same size as my wing katoki might be a inch off or so but seems about the same height :/

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