Unicorn without a Horn


Did a photoshoot of the MG Unicorn Gundam today for DC’s Gundam Giveaway. Was thinking of just using Sinanju and submitting photos I already have but someone else have already beat me to it. Since no one (surprisingly…) used Unicorn yet, I thought it’d be nice to have my best model take the spotlight once again ^^.


I was going to take SLR photos of it in Unicorn Mode but I couldn’t find the horn. Guess it’s lost somewhere in my room ^^;


A bit disappointed with the photos though; I initially wanted to take Unicorn up to the sky but my area is surrounded by tall trees everywhere… not to mention it was about 100 degrees outside. The bright sun was nice but fluctuation of light didn’t help. Some of the entries in the giveaway put my (lack of) photography skills to shame ^^;.


One thing I get kinda annoyed about my camera is that the photos I took look almost “perfect” to how I wanted on its LCD display… then I check it out on my comp and it is only ever so slightly off from how I wanted (more exposed than I wanted, under exposed, too dark/light/blurry, etc).


I tried doing new poses but only ended up reproducing old ones ^^;. I forgot how limited the knees can bend (the above is as far as it goes) o_O.Anyway, it’s great to be able to join a Gundam contest myself for once xD. I already see a few who competed in mine entered DC’s one already ^^. This looks to be good fun. So much anticipation though… ^^;

Finishing up the Full Cloth at the moment…


25 thoughts on “Unicorn without a Horn

  1. Z, with your XSi/450D it should be possible. All you need is EOS Utility. Also, on my 400D I have to set the camera to =continuous shooting=.

  2. I thought you were underwhelmed by the anime and the mecha designs in it… I actually enjoyed it after watching almost all fifty episodes (I skipped the only clip show). The Turn X is an interesting design, but I prefer to get my hands on the Turn A (be it the MG, RD figure, or both).

  3. H4sselblad, ahh cool. Thanks ^^

    Siroh, I don’t remember much since I only watched the two movies. It was rather confusing so I think I have to rewatch them. Turn X was pretty cool and I’ve always been fond of the Turn A xD. Only the Kapools I yawned at…

  4. The Kapools were cute Haro-as-MS suits just as they were in ZZ (but I might rather be caught dead in a Zaku II/Borjarnon). I just love how fighting scenes are portrayed here, and from what I read, you really don’t have an appreciation of the mecha designs unless you’ve actually seen it in action. Especially the Turn A. I’d imagine I would have fun if it were a real MS and came equipped with a Gundam Hammer.
    As far as the anime overall goes, I’d recommend watching the TV series (and in these days, it seems Google’s your friend here). I didn’t see the movies (though I watched most of the Z Gundam movies and they were pretty good), but from what I’ve read, too much of the first-half of the show was crammed in the first movie and left out part of the arc of actually going into space.

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