SAFETY Kaijou!



Ah… the main weapon that I’ve been looking forward to in this model- The Musramasa Blaster. The beam effects for it are rather disappointing though (you’ll know what I mean if you’ve played SRW@2).


I’ve completed the Full Cloth for it as well but I’ll put it on later. I’m relieved to see that the Gundam can actually hold the GunxSword without much fuss despite how solid and heavy it is ^^. While the model is finished, it is still not “completed”. Don’t know when I’ll be done but hopefully by the end of this week. Now one more shot for good measures…



Actually… I should probably postpone working on this model and clean up my room and take some photos for the OTACOOL thingy. So busy this week and so little time… TToTT


11 thoughts on “SAFETY Kaijou!

  1. AVAST!!

    There be badass Gundam off the port bow, ye scurvy dogs!

    Impressive as her beams may be, none be as stylish as the Murasama Blaster that the Ver. Ka. wields – that doth split into two equally awesome weapons that give no quarter. Pistol and Cutlass be a pirate’s best friends, arrrrh.

    I be lovin’ the Skull-and-Crossbones molds on her. Though, thy Full Cloth may only serve to weigh them britches down into the briny deep ^^;


  2. Oh, so this is the weapon that you’re talking about? I totally forgot about it. XD
    Cool weapon indeed! Good luck with the Otacool thing too!

  3. Gun x Sword? Xbone of Sundae? :D

    wow! I don’t know this kit can be that Awesome! I like the weapon, just like a chainsaw with that beam part haha.

    Can’t wait to see the final look!

  4. Badass kit without the fullcloth cloak on.

    Looks heavy when I put on the fullcloth though, think myb I should exclude it for now, currently putting those clear stickers..

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