World of Z

Hey everyone! Welcome to ZA WARUDO The World of C Z (a.k.a my room)! I know many of you (or possibly ALL of you) have already seen my room before but I’ve never actually given a formal “tour” around yet so this will be it ^^;. Some of you have already seen some of the shots at but I have more photos in this post.

UPDATE: Added photos of my old room too ^^

Anyway, let’s start…


Here’s my desktop hard at work running firefox everyday. I change the figures around from time to time. My bed is right behind me but there is nothing to there.


Top view. My speakers are the Logitech Z-5500 THX-certified (whatever that means…) 5.1 speakers. When I want “surround” sound, I could just move the rear speakers to be actually behind me… but that’s too much effort in most cases ^^;. Also notice the fifth speaker is underneath the glass and to the right of all this is…

IMG_6192 (Large)

My sub hogging the entire corner. It will make a great display shelf when I absolutely run out of room to put my models…


Best mouse EVAR. I can highlight any text, click this “google” button on top and it’ll… well, google it for me. So handy! As for the keyboard… with all the stuff it has, the only one that I really like is that it tells me the temperature in my room. I was photoshooting my room in that temperature from 2 AM to 4 AM…

IMG_6178 (Large)IMG_6182

Tower- Antec 900. Inside: AMD Phenom 9550, GeForce 8800GT, 2 GB Kingston HyperX RAM, 300 GB, Soundblaster X-Fi, and a cheap CD/DVD burner that I never use.


On top of my printer are Gundams that I couldn’t really fit into my glass towers… it sucks because they collect oh so much dust.


Looks familiar? This empty space is where the photoshooting takes place ^^


Not gonna put you all through what you’ve already seen more than once of so here’s a whole view of all the towers. Now on to what I haven’t shown here before…


All my SD models and a Mecha Musume


Nendoroids, Puchi, Revoltech, StandArts,  HCM-Pro, candy toys, CC, Lelouch, SRW figures… yea, all random ^^;


More of what you’ve already seen before.


Haven’t used my reactor for photoshooting since Sinanju because of how hot it gets ^^;. But when I do use it, photos can come out like this…


I CAN SEE EVERYTHING!… except for why kids love cinnamon toast crunch.

Oh, and here is my old room (which you can see in some reviews like the MG Strike Noir)…


Pretty cramped… just a few more feet to the right and you’ll see the door xD


At some point in time, this was all the HG and SD models I have…


All my Master Grades… OMG NO BACKLOG!


I also used to have the space to keep my models in action poses… ;_;


My 1/60 Impulse… it is now buried under the stacks of MG boxes you see in the above pics. That’s it for memory lane ^^;

And that’s the end of the tour. Thanks for looking around (again) ^^. Everything is still the same… still in need of new space… still in need to work on projects… still… Z.


38 thoughts on “World of Z

  1. Gunstray, I’m sure there are better/easier things to steal in my room than that xD…

    KKte, and the tower is very stable too ^^

    Eyeshield, naw that’s not me. That’s the stranger who always happen to be here and help me photoshoot my Gundams for reviews ^^

    Ercjohn, I supposed we still aren’t so bad compared to other similar places ^^;

    Chris, good eyes ^^

    Hono-san, fried all your good parts? Heavy gaming much? xD

    Romi, I have to make space for more cabinets too!

    Paliodor, thanks. would love to take a look at your room as well if you ever get to showing it ^^.

    Lilboi, why you jealous? You’re getting your own eventually :P.

    Saito, I knew I’ve seen him somewhere before! Who would’ve thought… xD

    Me, ^

  2. No axtually, I don’t know why. I remember frieing my gepahivs card a while back and recently breaking my motherboard. I think the first time was because I tried to run photoshop cs2 on a 500 something mb ram. The requirements are 1 gb >_<

  3. So thats you room guardian eh? Haha.

    @Hono-san, dun worry, we are at same boat, huhuhu…upgrade? Or buy Exia??heeelp…

  4. YESH! I DO INSIST! If you have time just take a few quick photos of the figure and post it under other stuff or something…been ages since I’ve seen anyone even have a fig of C.C…

    I also did a lil checking up on the Meteor….looks like the 1/144 HG model would be better than that one. >.>

  5. Whoa… Z is a hottie~ XDXD
    Seems like the glass desks are instant dust and dirt magnets. I assume Swiffer is user to clean em and the cabinets every so often?

  6. Nice and spacious room :) I was planning on getting those glass cabinets similar to yours from ikea but I thought that in each sector, the head room is too much for a gundam and the space is wasted. Wished they did a 5 shelf version.

    When I get my study back (my brother is living in my study as he is over for university <_<) I am going to start furnishing it properly.

    1. I would love a five-shelf version! However then some gundams wouldn’t fit… like PG models and my EX-S… but still, it would do for the majority of the models. Yea… a lot of space are wasted *looks at my GFF case*


    haha, jk jk…I kinda figured you’d remove it anyway…wowz, has it been that long already? Still haven’t gotten around to doing little photoshoots of random stuff like the C.C and Meteor, eh? xD (not that I mind; take all the time you need. I’m not gonna stop visitng this blog anyway.) xPP

    1. Just making sure I am not harming anyone’s eyes. Don’t worry… I still remember your request. While I won’t pull my meteor unit out under all those boxes, I think I can dust off CC sooner rather than later…

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