MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver. Ka


Some people were torn between deciding on either the Full Cloth or the Ver. Ka of the Crossbone Gundam X-1. Some favored the Ver. Ka and some rooted for the Full Cloth. Some had no idea and wanted me to review both… so I thought “Eh.. why not…” and so here I am (on an impulse)… working on a “Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver. Ka” (Kai in this case since I couldn’t resist that awesome skull…) right after finishing the “Full Cloth”. The two are the exact same model (obviously). Only that the Ver. Ka is infested with you-know-what and ever oh so slight aesthetic differences on the head (Top vent, side vent, scars, mouth, and chin). Makes you want to think “why even bother?” and praise them for being so detailed at the same time xD.



37 thoughts on “MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver. Ka

  1. Tsukinari, yea no feather thingy on head

    Chaosblade, after I’m done with this one

    Zro, yup :D

    Tim, what lupe said xD

    ReturntoThere, nice insight. I am glad that they did not use the RX-78-2 Ver. Ka frame for any other model…

    Roy, the Ver. Ka is more congested with stickers/decals though… so it’s not actually “simpler” xD

  2. Z, i need some advice~~

    1 – When u top coat/flat clear/gloss clear, did u spray individual parts.. or whole assembled kits?

    2 – The Decals… did u apply it before top coat/flat clear or after? if doing weathering, decal first? or weathering first?

    and once again.. I noticed that… does the shoulder is backward? coz i saw Dalong’s Ver. Ka got this yellow hole thinggy on the shoulder

  3. whoops… thanks for pointing that the shoulders were backwards ^^;

    and I’m gonna have to direct you to “My Tools” page. Better answers there. Weather after decals and before top coat.

  4. Fullcloth has 8 skulls, 2 interchangeable skulls for the forehead, 2 interchangeable skulls for the chest, 2 skulls on the “Muramasa Blaster” aka the saw sword, and the two shoulder armor knuckles are skulls

    On a small note, I glued in the tip of my “Muramasa Blaster” but apparently, you can put one of the beams at the tip instead, Zeta sword gun style

  5. I thought the feather head mantle was from the x-2 not x-1… I dunno but if I remember right, on SD Gundam G Generation Portable, Crossbone X-2 had a feather like head mantle.

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