Matey! We’ve Seized the Treasure!

IMG_6391 (Medium)

… Or more like it just dropped on top of my deck porch ^^;. A few things today… first is the Full Cloth and Ver. Ka are finally completed and I can start shooting photos right now. Second, the above models arrived and hopefully they will be the last I’ll be spending money on for the year. The GN Archer is going to someone else though. Third…

IMG_6392 (Medium)

Good friend from Japan got me these ^^. Will use the new bases for the Crossbone review.

IMG_6393 (Medium)IMG_6394 (Medium)



32 thoughts on “Matey! We’ve Seized the Treasure!

  1. Nice acquisitions. Lately my budget has been quite short so I might have to conform with the vanilla MG Exia but hey, I can always paint the blades lol.
    Would it be too much to ask you to do that MG next?

  2. Z, I would like to apply weathering on my models but….I dont know how. Can you please kindly give a tutorial on how to use weathering?

  3. Tsukinari, if I have a girlfriend, she can assemble half of my “future projects”…

    rndm, looking for a test model…

    Acewhatever, I am cutting back xD. I did say this will be my last order for the year ^^;. Dalong doesn’t get money but just the model kits for placing ads of the store he gets it from. Danny gets free stuff from business partnerships I believe?

    Gunstray, yep… it’s refreshing isn’t it xD

    Lelouch, either one would’ve been a good choice I think xD

    xky, C: orange rust, gun metal, silver D: Burnt blue/red, oil stain.

    Q, I wanna see your Exia Roll-out color :D

    Destiny223, hmm… we’ll see ^^

    Beamknight, not at all :)

    KKTE, I have never used it myself so we’ll see ^^;

  4. Building my exia right now too, but i cant wait to you see complete yours too since its definitely gonna a lot more sexy than mines. =p By the way, do you know how to tackle the chrome plated parts? I already cut out a few and black nub marks already stick out like sore thumb.

  5. @Z – lol, so u dont have one then :P,

    I bought some stuffs from HLJ, still in processing, my first time buying from them.. ah … also bought the Mini MS Stand ^^;; cant find the other MS Stand on HLJ tho.. I saw wall mounted MS Stand :D

  6. I want to see if Ignition mode is actually worth it. Where I live, Regular v. Ignition is a difference of near 20 bucks, and I can do things with 20 bucks.

  7. kururu, not sure yet… don’t have any chrome paint to blend in the holes x_x.. I’ll think of something xD

    Ercjohn, building it any time soon? ^^

    olimar, wow… that’s so much x_x no first-batch special price?

  8. AcGuy…something other than Gundam models, huh? I just found from Ngee Khiong the newly released Mechanic Collection Mazinger Z from Bandai. At first I thought there’s only the Soul Chogokin expensive version until I realised there’s also this snap fit kit. At 2800 yen and the ability to transform into a giant fist, it’s a must buy for me!^^

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