New Gunpla Display Stand


Like I’ve mentioned in my previous post, a friend of mine got me some new display stands from Japan ^^. Yay! I finally have one of those sophisticated looking display stands that various Japanese Gunpla blog uses (funny thing is… I can’t recall any sites off the top of my head at the moment ^^;). Sadly, they didn’t quite turn out to be what I thought they were. The black rod is extremely solid and balances the model well enough but the ring that holds the model… isn’t adjustable! Not to mention it sticks out in photos D:


I asked for one of these since I thought the way it holds the model might allow for some fresh new poses that I couldn’t do with the other bases that holds the model on the crotch. It really does the job though… the ring has a firm grip but…again… It’s not adjustable! Making it hard for it to hold other models properly (Unicorn). Not recommending this thing yet until I’ve warmed up to it over time. I’ll also make a page of my display stands later since I get the same question many times (“what stand is that?”). Here’s a pose that was made possible with this stand…


Sure I could’ve just rotated a normal upright photo but… it’s just not the same :P. The other base is for 1/144 since it is a lot smaller but nice to see that it has adjustable rings. So.. Would you sacrifice a little photo aesthetic for newer dynamic poses?

*goes back to the photoshoot*

One last preview before I write up the review later tonight… ^^



11 thoughts on “New Gunpla Display Stand

  1. Nice. But from the pics i suppose the thin stand couldn’t handle bigger and heavier kits i suppose, like Strike IWSP and Unicorn…

  2. Actually it can… with ease. This is THE most solid stand I have to date (the rod IS metal inside). It can hold anything short of MG Nu/Sazabi (cuz they too tall XD) with absolutely no problem. The issue… like I’ve said, is that the ring can’t be adjusted to conform to some model’s body. It held onto Unicorn and Sinanju with no problem albeit with fitment issues (though still snug).

  3. I believe that, in one of my comments in your GFF Wing ver. Ka (which, if I’m allowed to digress, barely can hold my HGUC GP02A’s beam bazooka–yet it can hold my GFF Wing’s buster rifle excellently) webpage, I linked to a gallery that had close-up details of that very same GFF, and it showed in some shots a similar stand holding that GFF.

    I still should get a stand or two, but I’m still fine using what I’m using for now. By the way, I noticed over fifty entries in that DC contest with pros really wiping the floor with the rest of the competition (especially that Sandrock one that I saw images of in DeviantArt, but without the diorama). Wished you would’ve won somehow, though; I would’ve liked to see how you would review a RD figure (be it a Crossbone, or Turn X, or something else).

  4. Yea those pro modelers really cleaned up the house xD. Guess that’s the limit of “home look”… By itself, it looks good but it won’t be able to win any contests. haha. That’s fine though. I actually forgot about the checking the results until you reminded me ^^;. Maybe I will start reviewing RD in the future if I’m way too busy for MGs… provided that some of them can convince me that they’re good quality stuff and not just Gundam’s version of revoltech.

  5. been wanting to get one of those stands but wasn’t available during my recent purchase through HobbySearch, seemed to be out of stock or something. The stands are from Yellow Submarine right?. They are less bulky and less hindrance compared to Bandai regular MS Stand which always ended up blocking half of the legs. :s

  6. Really? The stand is that strong? But is the base itself able to balance the weight of the whole thing? Like for example, I tried Figma stands on my Saviour last time and the problem is though it can support the weight, the base can’t balance the whole thing.

    Haha, our homelook groups of comrades can’t win the DC contest. ^^;

  7. Ercjohn, maybe if I decided not to keep them anymore xD

    Jacques, *looks at packaging* yep you’re right ^^. though it has like two other “brand names” on it.

    Chris, a little knowledge of simple physics will keep the base balancing the heaviest of all Gunplas that it can hold.

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