Space Dilemma

So I’ll be getting a new 32″ TV for my room soon and the perfect (and only) spot is the other side of my desk you see above. So what is the issue then? That is also the exact spot I use to photoshoot my Gundam models. If I put my TV there, then all of you will see a TV as a background as opposed to the white wall ^^;. I could also get a table cloth and put it over the entire table… but then my photos would look like many other Gundam photo setup out there >_>. Another impractical option would be to remove the TV every time I shoot photos… How annoying xD. Anyone have better ideas? ^^;

UPDATE: Ahhh… seems like I’ve left out some vital information since I was in a rush to work. I’ll be getting a 32″ LCD flat-panel TV (Sony Bravia). I did gave thought to wall mounting before this post but decided against it because none of my walls are convenient from where I sit… and I also hate to tilt my head up to look at the TV. The TV’s only purpose is for gaming since I don’t actually watch TV ^^;. Moving my Gunpla boxes doesn’t do anything. Looks like I might just have to settle on a huge white board that can cover the TV xD. Thank you all for the suggestions! Please keep ’em coming. I won’t have the TV for awhile so I still have some time to plan things out…


20 thoughts on “Space Dilemma

  1. I agree, buy a TV standard and mount it on the wall, at least half a meter above the table, so it won’t be visible while shooting pics for your gundams.

  2. Add one of those metal arms to hold the Television to the wall, I use one for my pc screen there quite nice and not thát expensive.

  3. that wall mount idea will only work where the studs are behind the dry wall. so he just cant put it anywhere he wants if he’s thinking of doing that.

    use your table wisely man. you’d be better off just making a foldable lightbox if you ask me. or when you want to shoot just drape a white cloth over the only thing. trust me, with the set up you have here and seeing how you’ve been using it… i dont think it will be that bad. either way it wont be like before but whatever… nothing lasts forever. and it might even be for the best in the long run

  4. I guess that you could always get one of those ultra light and skinny LED flat screen like the ones that toshiba (I think) has to offer. And does any one know how to get enamel paint off hands?

  5. looking at the picture of the table, it doesn’t look like it will be able to support the weight of a 32″ tv, so a wall mount would be the best idea.

    however, if it does hold, and if you do plan to put the tv on the table, you could always get a large white or silk black cloth to place over the tv and table top for your photoshoots, for the illusion of having a professional photoshoot area (forgot what they’re called; name slipping my mind).

  6. Geez, you can’t double your computer as your TV? :P

    I wouldn’t know the answer easily as I don’t know what the TV exactly looks like, nor do I know where your table there exactly is in the room and what it’s surrounded by. I can always check back in that previous entry and guess, but I don’t know… Maybe it won’t look good if possible, but perhaps you could place the TV below the table? *shrug*
    Given that apparently you still have your Gunpla and the boxes surrounded in your room, I take it that you don’t have space for them somewhere in an attic or basement? Or is it that those living with you don’t want you putting it else where? Something else? *shrug*

  7. hm.. first, whats ur 32″ TV look like? is it LCD TV? or just regular CRT TV?

    If ur TV is a LCD TV, Wall mount is nice idea like other says..

    If ur TV is regular CRT TV, Wall hang it!! just like mine! (altho mine is 29″ >_<)

    I dunno :I

  8. Now that I read your update… Maybe you can put the TV at the edge (with some support) and drape it over and try out shots on the table anyway? *shrug* And as I don’t know why it wouldn’t do any good, I’d like to ask why moving them won’t. Do they actually take up a small margin of space from your room? Seems like the opposite to me, but I don’t know the circumstances there.

    And what games are you seriously going to play on it? Is it possible for your TV to double as a computer screen? Maybe you could move the TV to near your computer and store the monitor somewhere else… Just play Mario Kart DS and you’ll be fine, for now. :) So how far away are you on unlocking things, by the way?

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