Review! MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth Ver. Ka!

I kid you not. The title is not misleading. Here it is (finally), My MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth Ver. Ka review! xD Hope none of you actually fell for the prank that I was actually building two seperate models ^^;;. I found a better way and killed two birds with one stone.

Anyway, *is very drowsy* It’s 5:00 AM right now and I have work at 10:00 AM… Been up since “last night” typing up this review sooooo….*crashes*

3 thoughts on “Review! MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth Ver. Ka!

  1. Yeah! Finally! The Full Cloth looks like wings in this photo. After seeing your review, I noticed you used the new stand in the beginning and ended using your previous stand in the end.

  2. I was surprised you didn’t try having it trashing Wing or RX-78 ver. Ka or some other Gunpla in another fight scene as you did a few reviews before. I guess I’ll have to settle for the cool poses with the swords.
    The Crossbone looks pretty cool here, especially after you out-did Katoki in decals there. :) I wonder how the Robot Damashii version of Jack Sparrow’s Gundam would compare… Oh, well; maybe another time. At least after you’ve built and reviewed the White Doll. :P [/Kidding-in-cheesy-way]

    Have you thought of getting another 1/100 model that isn’t a Gundam but something mecha-related? I ask that as I’m browsing Ngee Khiong’s blog and spotted one or two yet to be released…

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