The Intervention Begins

At long last! I can finally start on the MG Cow w/ Turn A Gundam! This is going to be awesome as I’ve been looking forward to this day ever since picking this model up *zzz…* andd… *zzz*.. wait, what’..s.. happ..*zz* ening..?! *zzz..*


“Exia, intervening the target…”


30 thoughts on “The Intervention Begins

  1. Poor A….lol
    yeah turn A is bandai 100th(or 50th?) MG so they made it a bit special. It has separate fingers,great articulation(see legs), and a COW!

    Can’t wait for your ‘Z Exia’ xD. I assume you will make this kit more special?

  2. So are the MG Exia and HG 1/100 exia same in parts look at pic of the MG looks like you could throw parts from the MG on to the HG 1/100 exia i guess il find out when get it.

  3. I ask because i have a HG 1/100 Exia. I was plaing on get a MG Exia when ever it came out anyways. I was thinking if the parts the same i could make the HG1/100 the repair version the MG normal version.

  4. Dredhawk, most of the core parts have changed (MG inner frame, ect) so I think if you wanted both a repair exia and a normal exia you’d have to either get two ignitions if you wanted both to light up or an ignition and a normal version.

    Z, my package from HLJ arrived today and the topcoat was left alone…so it looks like you’re good to go on ordering all you want!

  5. I was look at pic of a HG and MG the slots to hold the weapons to the arms look the same. anyways i guess il find out when i get it

  6. oh man… I’m gone for a day (or two) and I have this many comments to catch up to ^^;

    So many questions… some similar…guess I’ll just have to try to answer them in a WISP post then ^^;

  7. Turn A looks awsome but…oh the cockpit…why, Bandai, WHY?! -sigh-

    Bandai’s gone peverted…Turn A’s…crotch-pit, Arios’ Crotch-Drive, and Cheridum’s GN Ass-tail-drive…

    But all the pevertedness aside, I’m looking forward to MG Exia. I’m thinking about getting it but I’m not sure if I can find Ignition mode anymore…

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