MG Exia: First Impressions


This is probably my first time being so indecisive about what to do with an MG model since… never ^^;. It took me weeks to decide to pre-order Exia, then it took me some more time to somewhat like its proportions, then some more time to warm up to its articulations… and now some more time to decide what kind of look I want on this Gundam. Stuff like these are usually instant for me. There were a lot of comments in the previous post and some questions so maybe this post can answer a few (and the rest can be answered after I’m done with this model ^^;). I’m already working on Exia now but camera battery died xP


Choosing the look- I don’t know how I feel about the decals and stickers on Exia… A part of me likes it clean with minimal decals while another is telling me to just plaster everything on it like I usually do. I am liking the clear stickers because the clear borders are thin so I don’t have to cut them out ^^… but I’m not sure if I want them on Exia. The decals…are freakin’ tiny. A bunch of foil stickers that I won’t be using.


The MG Exia model kit is not 100% new mold. Beam sabers from 2007 (NG 1/100 Exia?) and PC parts from 2003 (MG Strike) xD. I won’t berate Bandai for it though. This is actually what I call efficient engineering.


Right now the “cloth” is as shiny as the bling bling blades… but I’ll make sure it’ll be as dull as dull can get by the time I’m through with it. Originally, I was under the impression that we would be getting two complete head units for this model but guess not. This is beginning to feel like building the Crossbone X-1 all over again… PITA head swapping? check. Loads of decals/stickers? Check. Plastic cloth? check. Awesome swords? CHECK!

This will probably be the last MG that I’ll be able to work on with real  free (what little I have of it) time (going back to school soon) and I wanna get it done quicker than usual (finish assembly by next week… yea, that’s fast for me). Don’t expect anything special though. This is still “home look” after all… ^^;


36 thoughts on “MG Exia: First Impressions

  1. ugh, I’m getting sick of Exia…almost to a point where I wanna bash its head in and launch the remains into the sun to burn. Even if I do see this model at my local hobby store, I’ll just ignore it completely. >:[

  2. The center sticker piece which has the blue and white stipres are actually stickers or decals? I’m receiving my MG Exia this Friday… XD I liked MG kits bt loads of decals bug me a lot. MG kits look good with them. but at the same time, applying them is a pain…

  3. ah the cape-_- That things as shiny as a waxed bald guy’s head! I kinda like the blue stickers because it just adds so much to the model, I’m guessing their designer color stickers?

    The blades and the lights for the GN drive are the real reason to get the ignition mode and glad you decided to get^^ Though hopefully the build will go smoothly and your satisfied with it^^

  4. Poor Turn A loosing out to the new kid.

    I like how Bandai reused the SB-8 beam blade runner from the NG 1/100 Exia instead of the standard SB1 runner that comes with most MG’s.

  5. @AceWhatever: Isn’t that because the shape of the beam sabers are different for 00s (rectangular) compared to other series (circular)?

  6. @Chris: Sure. But as far as I know there’s never been and in-universe explanation for the why the beam blades are flat like that instead of oval-shaped. And the problem is that the gunpla stops being consistent about it. The S1 Gundams use the the SB-8 blades while the S2 Gundams (minus Cherudium which doesn’t have sabers) go back to the SB1 blades for some reason.

    And this didn’t even start with 00. Go to Dalong and check out the early Seed 1/100 line. For some reason the Duel is the only one that has a normal SB1 runner while the rest (Strike, Freedom, Justice) have their blades molded into the A runner. Looking at the photos I think those are also SB1 blades but I’m not 100% positive.

    It wasn’t until the Destiny line that they all started coming with SB1 runners and even THEN it doesn’t explain why the Astrays warranted their own beam blade designs (The one with the cool flame-out effect at the bottom). And THEN we got the Akatsuki which had it’s own unique set of beam blades.

    See why this is so confusing? :p

  7. So in your photo of the markings sheets….the one of the left is rub-down….the middle one is water-slide decals…and the right is stickers… I have that right?

  8. I don’t mind shelling out a little extra cash for waterslide decals. Thing is, they don’t usually become available ’till the kit becomes mainstream and hits all the major toy stores. It’s only NOW I see a decal set for the Sword Impulse!

    And only now do I see a decal set specifically for all three Strike modules. Hm…I may be getting that Sword/Launcher Strike kit in the forseeable future. I think the only SEED MGs I’ll pass on are the Strike Rouge and the regular Strike IWSP.

  9. I don’t mind either… as long as you can get them. Is the Strike decal sheet new?!? I was lead to believe it’s been out and has already sold out (none to be had at hlj, gundamstoreandmore, or hobbywave). Kind of disappointed to see it lacks Kusanagi/Orb markings anyway. Puts a damper on my plans to do a painted Aile Strike (of any faction).

    But we’ve gone off topic a bit….sorry.

  10. haha it’s cool. I was always under the impression there are waterslides for the Strike this whole time too. Not that it matters to me since I don’t really care about the Strike and its decals were easy enough to apply.

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