MG Exia: Head and Body


Just a straight build so far. With this model, I need to watch out for a few things thanks to the clear parts, foil stickers and the hologram parts. This means I have to assemble, apply decals, top coat, then add on GN stickers and clear parts at the end.


Exia’s head reminds me of Mega Man X’s armor helmet (any of them…) ^^;.Anyway, like I said above… I won’t be able to apply stickers and the other stuff till the top coat is on otherwise they’ll get fogged up. The top part of the “ears” sit snugly but they are easy to brush off -_-. While highly unlikely, the yellow side vents can also fall off because it just sits inside the face unsecured o_O. V-fin can be easily pushed off as well.


The body is amazing. Details everywhere! Even inside! Thankfully, this model doesn’t have that fixed-waist BS like the 1/100 00-Raiser… except I think Bandai kinda traded that for a fixed neck instead >_______>;. Wow. A fixed neck. Nowhere as important as a moveable waist but we’ll see how important it actually is during posing ^^;. It doesn’t seem to hinder anything so far…

I went to look for batteries for the GN Drive today and apparently, the LR/SR41 is a bit “rare” here as no one carries them and subsequently, the store clerks in charge of electronics have no idea what I’m talking about. Went to a jewelry/watch store and found them… but the guy wanted $5 A PIECE for them. That’s an extra $20 I have to shell out just to make an LED unit light up! I kindly and politely told the guy “OH HELLLLL NAWWW!” and promptly went home to buy a 5-pack for $5 on ebay…


35 thoughts on “MG Exia: Head and Body

  1. By the way, those of you who are looking for batteries for this kit may want to check out a watch repair/service shop. I got 4 Maxell LR41 batteries for under a Dollar each. Other places that may carry them include some high-end hardware stores and camera stores.

  2. Fixed neck? Do you mean no forwards and backwards for the head like pigeons do? (lol) Not so much of a loss I suppose.

    Just saw a pile of Exia Ignition modes in a mall going for roughly 4500 Yen each only… So tempting >_< (oh btw Exia Rollout is almost done)

  3. wow. I just found out that only ignition has the light up GN drive parts. this really bites. Now I’m torn between ignition and normal. just cant deside! ai ya! bandai should really sell those lights seperatly as well so people have a choice to put in light up parts(00’s head, normal MG exia’s GN drive, possible etc. in future)

  4. Shinra, you’re officially way ahead of me on this model ^^;

    Allen, maybe you can order them as “replacement parts” from Bandai?

  5. How can you order the replacement parts from Bandai? My front skirt for one of my models broke and despite how much super glue I tried to apply, it won’t stick on…

  6. lol… i finished my MG exia in 1 day; 8 hours and 15 minutes in exact. Only assembled, panel lined and applied the stickers. Didn’t apply the decals since i’ll have to topcoat to seal the decals but i can’t do that cuz’ i finished it in my campus hostel.

  7. Goroke, I think HLJ still does it but it does take quite some time though and you have to pay in advance. I got my Zeta’s v-fin replacement through them. It costed me $6 total for the runner (a total of only two yellow pieces) and a month of wait.

    EXkurogane, that’s freakin’ fast! Looks like I might be last again… xD

  8. hmm… I’ll think about that replacement part… Still drooling about that GN drive though… maye ill just go and get an ignition instead^^;

  9. hey Z, could you give me a link to the replacement parts on HJL? I’m kinda hopeless at finding things if the link isnt on the main page.

  10. Ah, what a drag that they only do it by credit card…not that it’s an issue, but for some banks asia is a restricted area and you can’t use it for purchases over there.

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