Slash from the Past


Look who I’ve dug out from the Gunpla grave :D. This model is none other than the HG 1/100 Gundam Epyon. This Gundam is held in high respect as being one of the purest melee mobile suits in the Gundamverse (minus magical off-screen vulcans). My love for giant swords goes back pretty far ^^.I don’t know how but its beam saber got lost somehow… TToTT


It’s been so long I’m not even sure when I assembled this model (8+ years ago). I do remember that I had a blast assembling it though… and it took no more than a few hours. I wish can do that nowadays. Look at the dust and nub marks all over it! :D


Bulky proportions. loose parts. lack of color correction. Polycap joints all around. poor range of motion. Ahh… the good old days of Gundam models xD. This model can’t really make action poses despite having a decent amount of articulation. Heck, it even has motion where no other model has so far… articulation on the shin!


Sorry Trieze, but you’re not fooling anyone with that “twin dragon” (or whatever it is supposed to be) transformation mode >_>. Just imagine how painful that transformation would be in G Gundam…


Gundam models sure have come a long way after all these years…



31 thoughts on “Slash from the Past

  1. @ Dredhawk the way I see it, you know how the original Rx-78 had a shield that got blown up numerous times? Well on white base they had backup shields. And if you saw one episode Amuro ditches the Bazooka? Well then I guess they would take a core fighter and grab it with a hook or some other thing after the battle. So MAYBE the same thing happened with Wing.

  2. the wing binder thing could work too… because if I remember correctly in SRW, it pulls it out from there. Oh yea, that customized epyon is pretty sweet but I think I’ve seen a more closer-to-design one yearssss ago… wish I remember where though…

  3. A couple of months ago I found the HG 1/100 Epyon and Wing Zero in a store in Amsterdam. Both very dusty and with squashed boxes, but I was mighty glad to have found them, even though they are kind of crap. I really wanted those.
    I’m hoping for some MG OZ suits, besides the AC Gundams. I really loved the Leo, Aires, Taurus and Virgo. (I wish… :/)

  4. I feel so stupid for not really looking into gundam back when the franchise came to the US. My puny gradeschool mind assumed it was too serious and dark for me. Now I look like a foo’ for getting into gundam about ten years too late. heheh.

    hy can’t they at least still sell models across america! ; ;

    Speaking of blasts from the past…

    One of my first Gundam-related memories…this and that “HAIL ZEON” toonami commercial they always played. XD

  5. oh god.. i hated that commercial so much because it made absolutely no sense to me but it was still kinda awesome xD. Gundam models on TV!

  6. I bought my Epyon 2 days ago. I searched for it over the internet and found a seller from Singapore. I bought it for $80 (US). Hehe. There are two in ebay, which will cost you a fortune. Hehe

  7. Stumbled upon this post accidentally haha. Well i believe your prayers have been answered as bandai is releasing this in June. Only 4 months left to go :)

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