Trans-Am 00 Gundam


Wow… Talk about ugly xD. This is like the worst 00 Gundam reiteration I’ve ever seen… but that’s perfectly fine because for only $6, you get like a model that has articulations far surpassing that of some $30-50 Master Grades. ho ho. Forget about color corrections, details, and all that nonsense >_>


This model is actually from one of those cheap toy thingies that come with a candy. One of the most amazing thing about this kit is that the runners are “tools-free”. The pieces are attached so thinly that you can just pop them off easily…and WITH NO NUB MARKS! As you can see… the thing is also tiny.


I wasn’t joking when I said this thing has more articulation than many MG models. This provided for a decent amount of entertainment when I needed a break xD. I threw away the package so not sure what the exact name of it is ^^;



26 thoughts on “Trans-Am 00 Gundam

  1. Lelouch is right that figure is a fighting action model they only give you 2 colors for the actual MS, they cost about 2-4 dollars at gundamstoreandmore

  2. woo that is some nice red 00 Gundam lol, where u get it?

    Z, quick question, does u got this hand join loose for ur 1/144 HG 00 Raiser Designers Color, mine are loose (kinda not sturdy enuf) poke it a lil and its easily move around (see my vid in my blog) ^^;;

  3. Chris, not just the eye… the ENTIRE face!

    C, but $8 shipping!

    tsukinari, got it at a local supermarket. And yea, my HG 00 Raiser is similar to that while holding its spatulas (must be the weight).

    Busterbeam, that’s a vivid simile xD

  4. yeah…I also have one of these. but mine is colored blue and white…. and I also found some other ones like cherudim,arios and seravee….

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