My batteries arrived yesterday and now I’ve finally gotten around to trying out the GN drives ^^. ‘Lo and Behold…


It seems like I might’ve received some not-so-great LED units; I’m thinking the connections aren’t so great since the brightness tends to fluctuate a lot unless I squeeze tightly on the unit and the switch. Left: LED when dim / Right: LED at full powaa


Another big annoyance I have was trying to get both LEDs to stay on at the same time. The mechanism is that both turns on when you twist the GN Drive but since both have iffy connections, it was kinda hard to get both equal. Luckily, they somehow balanced out at the end and both side stayed on…


In the dark with both finally at full power. So am I the only one who has such iffy connections for the GN Drive?

Also, I’ve already finished the shoulders and arms ^^. Just waist/legs/weapons to go!


25 thoughts on “GN DRIVE ACTIVATE!

  1. I solved my LED problem by placing 3 layers of 2 ply tissue paper between the LED casing and the batteries. That means 6 layers of tissue paper.. I’d finished building and panel lining mine a week ago but have yet to place decals and seals due to University Assignment Overload.. Sigh… Will probably do it this coming weekend. XD

  2. Siroh, As others have stated… the first MG Zeta and MG Gyan comes with LED ^^. I’m willing to bet that the MG Zeta is THE first to get LED treatment o_o

    Chris, easy fix… just cut out a hole inside the orb xD

    Forsaken, go for it! I’ve always wanted red panel lines on some of my Gundams but never figured out how ^^;

    Ckai, The screws are actually in until I feel that it could almost break the plastic xD. and the metallic coating Zeta doesn’t come with LED? That’s news to me. I mean… no reason to take it out…especially from a special edition >_>

    Vektar, loving the details on your Exia… you could’ve also photoshopped out the display base too right? xD

    Hypnos, yea…that part was annoying too…but the batteries was more of a concern.

    Sarge, that’s an awesome idea! I think I’ll give that a try! Thanks! ^^

    Saito, I’ll let you know when I’m done with the legs… xD

    Alex T, not a bad idea… looks like just do whatever to force the batteries onto the copper pieces.

  3. got battery’s for my exia today, leds work perfectly fine, not sure why you people are having such a tough time with it.
    I ain’t no modeling god, I’m mediocre at best and mine worked the second I popped them in, only issue I have with the GN drive is taking it OUT of exia’s body to turn it off.

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