Super Robot Wars NEO


Yeaaa… I’m a bit very late to find out about this (just yesterday) and I’m sure everyone else already knows but I still wanna talk about it ^^. So this is the newest SRW and it is for the Wii time. Despite the name “NEO”, this SRW contains quite a lot of old school stuff I see xD. There are two big shockers to me here: The roster and 3D graphics.

From that video, the ONLY series I know is New Getter Robo. The rest I’ve never seen or heard of in my life o_o. I still have fond memories of Braiger and G Gundam though. It seems that with each new SRW, Banpresto is bringing in more obscure (to me) mecha series. That’s a great thing as one get more exposure to more mechas… but at the same time, I feel just that more alienated ^^;. I play SRW to relive those awesome anime moments and laugh like a maniac as I control my favorite mecha to go on an onslaught on hapless grunts. The one SRW where I was well-versed with most of the roster was SRW@3 (or the whole alpha series actually). Now the 3D… woah, why is it 3D?! The graphics look great and all but… some things MUST stay 2D. I supposed if it needs to make use of the wiimote, then this is the way to go. I just hope it is not a permanent change because there is a special charm about seeing attacks being replicated just like its anime counterpart. Even though I have a wii, I have no intention of getting this game because there’s just too many series that I can’t relate to here x_x

Any SRW players here? What are your thoughts? Oh, and last question… how is “Super Robot Wars” read? Is it “SUPER ROBOT- Wars” as in “Wars of Super Robots”? or “SUPER- Robot Wars” as in a super war of robots? xD


10 thoughts on “Super Robot Wars NEO

  1. *ahem* Meanwhile, you’ve only managed to unlock two characters and a few tracks in the 50cc GP mode in Mario Kart DS, and I’ve yet to see how I can get my wi-fi to work for my DS (I’d have to go somewhere else to use mentioned capability). :P

    Well, at least the Wii is getting some love here. If and when Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT is released on consoles (I guess when they’ve milked Gundam Unicorn for a while up to next year, but all of this is under an assumption that it won’t be arcade-only), if there’s a release for the Wii, should I get a next gen console, I’ll pass up on the PS3 and X-Box 360. I’m more action-oriented rather than turn-based/RPG kind-of a guy, even though I do enjoy an occasional game of Worms [Fill-in-the-Blank]. :)

  2. I do understand what you mean by feeling alienated. I preferred SRW W over K since the roster for W was much more recognizable for me.

  3. I do like SRW series but I basically always use real type mechas, have no strong feeling for super robots..
    wait, but the title is SUPER ROBOT Wars LOL

    and it’s sometimes hard to distinguish, just think about Gundam 00 and Strike Freedom…

  4. Akways wanted to try a SRW game but I never really knew where to start (and my computer is incredibly low on memory, so no downloading the ones with my fav animu characters D:).


  5. Siroh, with my hands full most of the time I haven’t had the chance to pick up my DS for awhile now ^^;. Should there be a GvG game, then it seem likely to be for PS3. No problem getting a ps3 now with the slim model. i’ll pick one up when a srw comes out for it ^^

    goroke, same for me. I prefer W because of GGG/F and Astray :D

    Hypnos, your first comments reminded me of a question that I’ve been searching for an answer to for awhile now… xD

    Gunthetra, just start with whichever one that has the most of your favorite series ^^. However, if you start with a later series (like @3 or Z) then you might render previous SRW a bit unplayable due to gameplay improvements/speed in said later games.

  6. Somehow, I have never been able to finish any SRW games as of now….how sad. ^^;;
    I like both SRW W and K evenly because I like GGG and Wing in W (I haven’t got to Astrays ^^) but I also love Zoids Genesis, Kotetsu Shin Jeeg, Gaiking, GunXSword and of course Seed mechas.

    From that video…I also only recognize New Getter Robo, which seems to be the newest series among all of them, probably a decade newer than the others.

    I understand your view of reading SRW because there’s real robots inside too. So, I guess it would be fair to read it as SUPER Robot Wars.

  7. hey Z this isnt about srw but i was just on ngee khiong and it seems that there coming out with an MG astray blue frame second revise. also the gundam unicorn series will consist of 6 episodes each 50 minutes long. just thought that was interesting enough to mention :)

  8. @Z: there’s the PSP game “Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Gundam”. All series are represented and it plays like a 4-man battle royale fighter. Though I’d rather wait for the sequel, Gundam VS. Gundam NEXT, which will include the Unicorn, to be ported to PSP.

  9. Chris, guess that shows that we still have a lot of mecha anime to watch or learn about ^^;. I’ve never seen Zoids, Jeeg, Gaiking, and GunxSword myself xD

    C, yea…read about that earlier. Thanks for the heads up though ^^. This is good news.

    Zro, for huge vs games like those, I would wait for the sequel as well if it has better units xD.

  10. Gonna toot my horn here and say that I’m pretty much a SRW veteran: I’ve played just about every SRW except the ones on the GameCube, XBox (of which the game is just an SRWGC port) and the DS. By extension, the love I have of SRW’s game style made me play similar games like Yuusha Taisen & the GGen series as well.

    As an SRW gamer, I’ve always said this: NEW IS GOOD! In a series that uses the same core turn-based system time & time again, the worst that could happen to it is that it could become stagnant. So new blood for me, is always welcome. It doesn’t matter if I haven’t even so much as heard of the series featured – if it’s in SRW, I’ll probably grow to love it.

    I grew up watching maybe half the entire series roster of SRW, but seeing these various series’ stories intertwine and interact with each other in a unique and dynamic way just sparks my interest like never before. I usually find myself looking to watch these ‘new’ series or rewatch classic stuff just to relive the nostalgia.

    Gundam and Mazinger will always be there, I guess. But it’s nice to shake things up every once in a while.

    Bring on the next war!!

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