Hey, It Works… Sorta XD


Looks like the 1/100 Avalanche Exia lower body almost could’ve worked…if the connectors were the same. the 1/100 model uses a peg to connect to the body while the MG uses a ball joint. Still… the results look a bit disproportionate XD. I was thinking about test-fitting the Avalanche parts on but only the shoulder would work it seems as everything else is pretty out of proportion.


The lighting was very nice in my room today so I had to take a few snapshots. THIS is my ideal lighting condition but it is almost impossible to replicate >_>;


Many thanks to Lupes, I am finally able to convert Unicorn back to…. Unicorn ^^;. I really like this design… thinking maybe I should get another Unicorn just for the sake of Unicorn…


Ideal lighting condition + ideal backdrop = Win! haha the back is just my monitor turned off. Hmmm… anyone know what sort of paper I can actually use to recreate this setup? My monitor is not big enough ^^;


Yea… decided to leave the shoulder cables off to make this model look more streamlined instead of like a prototype (That’s what Astraea is for). Sure, there are now empty slots on the arms, and the shoulder pieces just rock around loosely (-_-) but I still think it looks better than out-of-place cables >_>


Last shot… Couldn’t help it… ^^; Damn I wish I could do my reviews with this lighting and backdrop…


25 thoughts on “Hey, It Works… Sorta XD

  1. Bandai loves to stick in extra bits for future purposes, if it sells well, they ll use it, if not, they wont.
    Dont worry, if you really like the kit, you ll enjoy building it =)
    I have 4 Sinanjus orz

    They are going to walk the 1/1 gundam out of the park and into Bandai secret base =3

  2. Z, Well, I thought I saw a graphic about future schedules from a month-or-more ago, but whether my memory’s messed up about it or not, I guess if it was about if and when the Gundam statue will be assembled elsewhere in the future, we’d already know about it. One thing’s for sure: my wallpapers of that Gundam won’t be coming down, and I doubt this’ll be the ending of the celebrations of Gundam’s 30th anniversary.

    I don’t think I’ve ever spray-painted much of anything, let alone Gunpla. Or painted (though I’ve handled paint a few times). Still, that Gundam ver. OYW has like a nice color scheme. Hope I see a review of it on Dalong (as I go “Ooooh, aaah!” over the models, which seems to be one of the best things about Gunpla in my view), as well as the noodle cup Gunpla that looks like it’s easier to build than most every model kit imaginable (though I’d wonder about those 00 FA kits, such as that Trans-Am one you have).

  3. Hmm… I’ll have to look at the LEDs then if they might be diferent(or if you have to put on a specific part in ignition that normal doesnt have). Whoa, on second thought I could just go and grab me an ignition. But as nice as those blades are, the duller ones kinda looks nice(not to mention that the nub marks will be less noticable)…

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