Screwed Up…


I was never really fond of the pink/bluish tint of the hologram strips since day one and so I decided to to paint it clear blue….


Doesn’t look too bad right? I only painted the backside so there is still the hologram effect on the front. I was thinking of painting it clear green to go with the orbs…but figured that might be too much green and not sure how well green can blend with tinted blue/pink…ya know?


ahaha… and this is where I screwed up. Can’t really help it though. The paint just cracks, breaks, and peels as I flex the shoulder cables. Not painting so many layers might help with the breakage but then the strip looks kinda… crappy. Truth be told, I never got why Exia have such cables in its design anyway so I was thinking of leaving them out a la R2 style… or just clean off the paint and leave it clear pink/bluish/purple.

This MG haven’t been a smooth ride for me this whole time ^^;. Although… I am having a blast working on the cloth…


18 thoughts on “Screwed Up…

  1. Oy, seems time is making both of us rush and screw up ^^;
    Nevertheless, things seem to be going well with your Exia. I’ll start building mine once yours is done. I wanna make use of the suggestions you and others make about getting over its pitfalls.

  2. Sucks, right? So when do you think you will be finished? And if you look at Ngee Khiong At Gundam Big Expo They have a limited editon Roll Out Color of the Exia!

  3. yes it’s weird they are using those strips to transmit GN particles.. on the bright side, now you have no constraints to the movement of the arms!

  4. o.O Point taken, thanks. No painting of the stripes needed. ^^
    I thought it look too transparent for my liking too since its HG/NG counterparts have light blue for the stripes.

    Speaking of this, I also think the shoulder cables are really unnecessary.

  5. Zro, I didn’t find any real “pitfalls” yet but a lot of things aren’t in my preference ^^;. The paint on your Zaku’s weapons are turning out real nice!

    Cameron, hopefully next week?

    Lupes, rubbing alcohol removed it just fine ^^.

    Hypnos, but on the dark side…without those strips, the shoulders just flop around xD.

    Chris, yea… the hologram thingy are cool… but almost a bit tacky. I kinda preferred those highly flexible ones from the other models too.

  6. Love the painted effect for the forearms!

    I was thing if you take out the shoulder cables and do it R2 style wouldn’t the shoulder armor be loose. And also there will be a big hole to contend with if you remove the cable.

    Just my 2 cents ^_^.

  7. I didn’t really like the shiny material effect and i fixed all the rubber-like parts unside down, the shiny parts facing inside and leave the usual light purple color facing outside.

  8. chubbybots, yea you’re right…the shoulders are loose now but the empty slots aren’t really noticeable.

    Kurogane, you could still see the hologram through the backside though xD

    Ed, thanks. me too. better than the clear pink at least. The paint in that part was almost breaking as well…

  9. Never did understand those strips on the Exia – is there an explanation for it anywhere in the various manga series? Because it damn well doesn’t seem to be in the anime.

    Kudos to you Z, for daring to paint the unpainted! But those hologram strips are new material to me, so I’m leaving them alone. They don’t hamper the poses in any way, do they? I thought they were designed not to be obstructive?

    If you were to paint them, perhaps green, as you stated. There’s a lot of blue around the torso area already where the strips are to be placed, so you may need to make them stand out.

    Funny thing though, for a protagonist Gundam that uses the classic RX-78 blue-white-red-and-a-bit-of-yellow color scheme, there sure is a lot of blue on this guy. Even more than the UC counterparts!

  10. yeah. the funny thing is, even though exia has so much blue on it, to non-CB armys, they called it the “white one”(or something like that)

  11. Ckai Cydek, the strips doesn’t do anything obstructive. they actually help prop the shoulders up. I just think they’re out of whack compared to the rest of the design like it’s not even supposed to be there. I much prefer more blue and yellow over the other colors ^^

    Allen, funny thing is… Virtue is probably more white than Exia xD

  12. Oooh, if you prefer yellow and blue over the other colors, then maybe yellow, then? As I stated, the Exia has a lot of blue on him already. More yellow would make a nice contrast, since the only yellow on him are the fins on the torso.

    Or you could do gold instead. I started painting my Strike Noir’s yellow (yellow-orange?) parts a nice, yellowy gold. Makes a nice contrast with the black, actually.

  13. the strips are pink/lavender/bluish…so not sure how bad it might look if I paint it yellow. Same reason why I didn’t try green on it. I also don’t have clear yellow to work with xD.

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