MG Exia Standing on its Own


Just about the exact same height. I wouldn’t say the MG Exia has “more details” over its NG 1/100 but rather… it has different details all together (different panel lines…but not exactly more). Heck, the 1/100 has more details on some areas than the MG such as the feet since the MG’s are virtually plain. This’ll be the last WISP shot before I start the real photoshoot and finish the review (by the end of the month). I found a few things to nitpick on… (saving it for later)


Strange that Bandai gave Exia a partial skeleton; the backside and inner side of the inner leg frame are opened, revealing the polycaps. Not that I really care since the only time I’ll be looking at the inner frame is during assembly anyway…


wahaha… I’ve finally assembled a lighting setup that gives a some decent resemblance to daylight! Hopefully I can do away with those white-out white photos and take shots with some nice tone to it. But man… the lamps sure are producing a lot of heat… ^^;

Anyway, off to finish the remaining swords and cloth and Exia will finally be complete…


34 thoughts on “MG Exia Standing on its Own

  1. Wow, thanks guise!

    I’m going to get some Super Clear Flat, Sandpaper, and a panel lining gundam marker and get to work.

  2. Wait a second, my manual is a liar.

    It says LR40…

    But the only lr40 battery i can find is the size of a soda can. I dont want that hanging out of my gundam, so I will go with lr41s.

  3. Um, Olimar, I’m not sure what battery you’re talking about, but I’m pretty sure LR41s are button-sized batteries, usually found in watch stores/repair shops & many electronic shops. Many laser pointers and tiny electronic devices use them.

    I checked online and you can good quality ones for over $2 apiece, but buying them in bulk can get them cheaper for as low as 39 cents!

  4. Would topcoating the hologram pieces actually screw them up? Because if I take apart the pieces to put the holograms back in, I would probably break something.

  5. huhuhuhuh coooll!!!
    my exia has just arrived, but i don’t have time to assembly it because i’m at the dorm and exia at home….

    btw, the last photo, what thing do you use for the backroom? It’s damn cool, like studio

  6. Progress report : Built Exia and weapons without a hitch. Applied stickers, screwed up two of the stickers that go around the GN Capacitor on the hand, now the stickers form a semicircle on both hands, as I tried to keep it symmetrical. Ruined the only good dry transfer, the one the goes on the left shoulder. Probably wont do many of the others, they seem more hassle than it’s worth. Then, topcoat!

  7. @eyeshield
    Eh, u r in campus too? lol… I have my gunplas sent to my campus!!! Can’t do spraying jobs (maybe only clear coats) but i brought in markers and cutting tools into hostel. Spend around 1/2 to 1 hr a day working on my gunpla. Or else, stacking up gunplas at home and increasing my backlog isn’t my way…^^; So far i received MG Exia, 1/100 Astray Gold Amatsu and 1/100 Legend in campus and finished all. Later this week is MG Wing Zero… XDXDXDXD

  8. @pong, thanks bro ^^

    @exkurogane, wow you too? I salute you, you can assembly things even though you’re at campus XD I;m just doesn’t have courage to do that. I’m afraid somebody desroying my gunplas hahaha

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