PG 00 Raiser and MG Blue Frame


Having the time to blog here have became somewhat of a rare opportunity now ^^; Since I don’t have anything noteworthy to talk about for my Turn A WISP, I want to finally let out my thoughts on two “highly-anticipated” gunplas that will be released in the next two months or so. First off, the PG 00 Raiser… looks like a blown-up HG 1/144 00 Raiser w/ LED gimmick. big whoop. Seriously… there’s hardly any aesthetic improvements in panel lines or (nor?) the proportions. Having taken EE classes in both HS and college, LEDs just doesn’t amaze me anymore (except maybe in cars) and the “light-up” factor will probably die out in less than a minute for me (like MG Exia). I don’t even care if it can spin! They should’ve implemented LEDs on the orbs on the arms and legs. Since all we have are images so far, I’ll wait for photos of the actual photo (preferably from Gundam Base) before I judge any further. One thing is clear though: My initial reaction for this model is similar to that of my first time seeing MG Exia. Also, for something that cost ~$250-300…. why does Bandai want to charge MORE to get the so-called “bonus” clear parts? Really, Bandai? Well, the only thing I am looking forward to is the GN Sword III ^^. Can’t wait to see it. Anyway, I already have this thing on pre-order (heh…) just in case… xD


Second… The MG Astray Blue Frame 2nd L (what is 2nd Revise?). I think it looks great overall ^^. In some photos, the head looks a bit ugly though. Slimmer proportions compared to 1/100 counterpart but not quite so sleek… kinda like MG Exia to 1/100 Exia. I wonder if that blue action base will be included because it will defiinitely help A LOT in posing that heavy Tactical Arms. It’s great that the giant sword can break into two normal size blades (Blade Tonfa?) as well! So there’s some more posing options :D. I really have to see more photos because I consider this kit too though because of this…


“Lancelot” ankles. That looks like it will be begging for trouble and hell lot of frustration. MG Exia’s ankle problems are still fresh in my mind and seeing this again is almost off putting. I would also hate to see another model doing the splits. The drawback for extremely high range of motion is usually poor balance or loose joints (some exceptions). I’m gonna wait and see if this thing can actually stand properly without toppling over/backward first before I consider it. Since there’s no special price/package/bonus item, I’m not missing out on anything from not getting it when it comes out. The Tactical Arm is beckoning to me though…

What do you all think about these two?

All images from Ngee Khiong ^^



V-fins. Crowns. Crest. Antenna. Whatever they’re called. Almost every Gundam has one. Question of the day: Why does it make a Gundam look so attractive? Let’s talk a bit about this odd aesthetic phenomenon today. I recall something that a Gundam’s helmet got its design influence from the traditional Samurai’s kabuto… howevever, this doesn’t explain why it makes a Gundam more appealing. I bet you the Ez-8 will look better with a v-fin ^^. What is it about this “V” that adds to the design that makes a Gundam look more… fierce/powerful(?)…than without it? I really don’t know. Maybe since it always has one, then it should have one. Aesthetic-wise, I think it is almost like a spoiler on some cars- Think of the Mazda RX-7… it looks GREAT with a wing spoiler but then you find it incomplete without one. Again, we know it looks great…but not WHY >_>.



Of course, Gundams aren’t the only mechas to sport V-fins. There are many out there with such a design. Like GaoGaiGar, *insert brave series here*, Gravion, and… others I can’t think of at the moment >_>;. Anyway, the point is…without the V-fin, the mechs just doesn’t look as good/powerful/whatnot. Whatever the reason might be.

What are your thoughts?

MG Exia Repair Ver. Z


I’ve finally finally finalized my MG Gundam Exia. Finalized as in… I can probably no longer convert it back to the regular MG Exia ^^;. I think I overdid it (in a bad way) on the Repair… but eh, t’was my first time weathering ^^;. Check out my MG Exia Review if you haven’t before. I’ve also recovered some “budget” (which was not-so-apparently time) and finished the omake fight scene in Exia’s review as well so if you like to check that out… :)

EDIT: The new Repair photos are under “RESTART”, which is right before the “rants/UNREST” section (so near the end of the actual review). Just in case of you missed it.

XN Raiser GET!

Blah! Guess my internet just failed for the last couple of days as I really couldn’t surf anywhere… hence not being able to pose or comment back. Anyway… yes, you are seeing double. I’ve secured two Oct issue of Hobby Japan w/ XN Raiser. I’m willing to sell one of them for those who can’t obtain one but I’m not quite sure how I would like to go about doing it (suggestions would help ^^). Unfortunately, I can’t do a giveaway this time around because I’ve been reduced to penny pinching after buying my textbooks and supplies, paying tuition, affording car insurance, and misc spending… all in this month. ****! So yea… hope you all can understand ^^;. I would still like to help someone out who wants a XN Raiser though. I see it being sold on ebay for $35+ so I’m planning on selling it for maybe $30 (shipping included). I bought each for $20 so I’m not making much at all after shipping it out. Let me know here if you’re interested and suggest a way where I can sell it fairly (I plan on shipping it out next tuesday or wednesday).

MG Exia, Exterminating the Review!

Whew. Finally… Here it is: MG Gundam Exia Ignition Mode. That took me long enough. Well, so much for finishing this thing by the end of August ^^;. I’m sure most of you are already done with your own MG Exia by now xD. Oh yea, if the photos in the review looks a bit blurry then just click on it to see the full size (cuz the image is larger than usual).While the review might be done, there’s still just a bit more I would like to do with Exia to finalize it but right now, I would like to take a little break… and maybe work on something else. I still have to prepare to go back to school and other stuff.

Anyway, I need some sleep. Hope you all enjoy the review. Happy scrolling ^^;

Last Day of Kumoricon


After the letdown on the first day, I didn’t plan on going back to Kumoricon but my friend wanted to check it out so off I went again. I finally got the chance to ride the new MAX ^^.


Not much difference really except different colors and the inside smell like an art class…


Random shots after getting off the MAX. Making sure the settings are correct so I don’t have to adjust it later.


Front entrance to the Hilton Hotel. Somewhere in there has like one of the smallest escalators I’ve ever seen in my life… damn lazy people…


The exhibition is underground in a parking lot. I actually visited it a little on the first day but didn’t see anything of interest. It was crowded… and a bit humid. Many figure shops and of course you have your typical pocky and ramune sale.Oh, and you gotta love that “con smell” (aka sweaty body odor).


The ONLY selection of Gundam models available that I saw. Heard there wasn’t much to begin with anyway. Oh wow… sad that I didn’t see any RD figures.


Someone is going to have to clean up these ramune caps…

Now for something that is actually related to this blog…


Haha… he is Gundam.


I figured I might run into the Gundam given the Zaku II I saw the other day…


Yea… this was the only note-worthy cosplayer I found that day. Nothing else mattered.

Verdict: Bored. Didn’t bother to stay till the end. Went to lunch. Then off to work. The end.

How are Anime cons like in your region?

Kumoricon Pseudo-Coverage


So I went to Kumoricon at around 8 PM and stayed for around six hours (that’s nothing in ‘con time). Took the MAX downtown to the Hilton Hotel because finding parking downtown is horrifying and outright obnoxious. I didn’t really get to do much since I miss A LOT of the better panels that happened during the earlier evening and the exhibition hall was already closed. So here’s a few photos and some of the cosplayers I ran into…


The dude in the blue cloud jacket is the ConChair(man) and the person to his right is the former Sakuracon Chairman… forgot both of their names ^^;. Fabulous jacket… and pretty funny people. This was the “Ask the Chairman anything” panel.

The following shots are from the “Anime that Scarred Me for Life” (I think that was the name) panel:


The cosplayers were decent for the most part while some could do better. Only a few really stick out. Guess I’m a bit spoiled after seeing cosplayers in other anime conventions on DannyChoo. Many I saw were just teenage kids with an akatsuki coat on, a konoha headband with nekomimi, L, and characters that could be from several different anime (miko, princesses, fairies, kung fu masters, etc) or a combination of all of them (Naruto w/ nekomimi, satoshi cap, samurai sword, and turtle back…wut?)


Jesus and Team Rocket (who got in the way of my second Jesus pic). I saw the Pope too but didn’t get to snap a pic of him.


Piccolo! Damnit I need to learn how to use flash properly indoor… the lighting was so dim inside the hotel…


I believe these guys are the Happa Tai… I think..  ^^;

Now here are some really cool ones…




Major props for the effort ^^


I heard the Zeon fanboys squealing when I was taking photos of this Zaku-II


Domo-Kun!!! How do you even see in that? o_0… it was hilarious watching it trying to get down the stairs… xD


Wow… just wow…

This is all the photos I took on Saturday before I got tired. I wanted to take more of cute girls but ran into one too many traps in the form of maids, haruhi, Miku, and various prince-cesses. I didn’t go on Sunday but I’ll make a trip to check out the exhibition on Monday to see what they got there. Maybe I’ll pick up a Robot Damashii if the price is right…