Bandai World Gundam Competition


It’s on now! I think the name is pretty self-explanatory for what this event is but you can check out Danny’s page for all the details. This is going to be HUGE… and sadly, I don’t think I could take part this time around due to school starting, work and all that life stuff. Although…since it ends in November, I just MIGHT have a chance. Since this is such a big competition, submitting past work again would be a bit disappointing. If I could, I want to build and paint a Gundam specifically for this contest. There’s not much I could do with my current line-up considering the results from the HLJ competition xD.

Actually, I think EVERYONE should submit an entry because part of the rules ask for you to “Please include the region that you live in and tell us how long you have been building Gunpla for. Also tell us what Gunpla you would like Bandai to make and in what scale.” This could be a good chance to slip our dream MGs into Bandai! Be it the other MG GW:EW Gundams, Epyon, V2 Assault-Buster, Turn X, or even MG Deep Striker or whatever you have in mind. It’s worth letting Bandai know!

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you who are helping each other out with the questions posted on this blog ^^. This community effort is much appreciated. Knowing myself, some of you could’ve possibly already built the model by the time I get around to answering your question XD. I’ll try to answer the bulk of the questions as I’m typing up my reviews though. Keep the questions coming so I know what to write on my reviews ^^.


21 thoughts on “Bandai World Gundam Competition

  1. If I hadn’t accidentally broke the legs off of my 1/144 Sandrock (in my mediocre attempt to make it a Sandrock ver. Ka; the shades-of-gray-and-hint-of-gold color scheme), maybe. I wouldn’t try with my 1/144 Altron Custom/Ver. Ka (that I gave the Okawara color scheme)…

    I really need a new model. I’ve been fancying a 1/144 or 1/100 Wing Zero (TV/Okawara ver.) after watching too many Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT (the only place where Unicorn Gundam has wonderful articulation) videos on YT along with a bunch of other Gunpla, but I think starting with something like an HGUC Zaku I (with its good articulation) or Zaku II (not bad) might be a little better when considering non-MGs…

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