Lighting Setup


A couple of you asked what is my new lighting setup so I’ll talk about it here… but it’s nothing spectacular xD. It does the job though. Please excuse the grainy photos… I just did a quick resize to give an idea.


A floor lamp with a 60w yellow and a 100w white fluorescent bulb. Ceiling have two 100w white fluorescent bulbs. This is all ^^;. My reactor lamp is a bit overkill in this case as my room gets hot enough as is with the lamp right behind me. I’ve always wanted to find some way to reproduce sunlight and guess this is as close as I’ll get.



Monitor glare… I don’t really like it but at least it doesn’t put the model in a pitch black backdrop.



Truth be told, I’m not exactly too impressed by this MG… I’ll save the nitpicking for the full review. If you have any questions, do drop them now and I’ll answer them later when I type everything up ^^.


19 thoughts on “Lighting Setup

  1. were there any loose/insecure parts present in this kit? also… the exia being so thin seems light does the sword reali bring it down and what do u think of the suckish colour of the cape

  2. On your blurbs, you wonder if you should get PG 00 Raiser. Well…if you get it, you offcially had the 3 most popular PGs unbuilt (Strike, Astray and 00 Raiser). ^^;

    For your backdrop with monitor flare, it has a interstellar ambience to it. XD

  3. Looks great. I’m always a bit uncomfortable with the idea of light bulbs since my light box on its own is a small hassle to get out. If I ditch flash and start messing with lighting I might as well make a studio out of a chunk of my room.

  4. Geez, that doesn’t sound good at all. I know of the issue with the GN Drive, but I’m hoping there aren’t any major issues to be aware of…

  5. I need to get myself some fluorescent light bulbs!

    I’m also curious what your qualms are with MG Exia. Hm, I would say overall leg articulation, little to no ankle movement, and a somewhat loose arm that drops under the weight of the GN Sword.

  6. Thanks for sharing your lighting setup! Maybe one day I can haul my lazy ass and buy some serious-business lamps.

    Looks like the MG Exia is indeed an overly hyped-up model. Apart from the better-looking head and light gimmicks, I think there isn’t much else better than the NG version.

  7. I wonder if the reaction to MG Exia has to do with the actual model itself, or more with the quality of the previous Exia releases. As far as I can tell it’s a perfectly good MG kit, but it’s not leaps beyond the previous HG releases. You expect a major increase in quality from a MG release, but the HG ones were already very good.

    What I’ve seen from PG 00 Raiser, I think this will have the same issues. So far it looks good, but not hugely better than any of the other 00 releases. With the announced price tag though…. I better be really special.

  8. Hey Z you should totally take a picture of yourself feasting on a 5 pound gummy bearXD. As for the pg 00 raiser its coming with a special stand and a password to buy clear armor parts. You colud add some stars to that photoshoot area and maybe even a pic of the Ptolemioas to give it a more gundam 00/Celestial Being feel:)

  9. The only conclusion I could come up with is that the problem is the build itself, it feels pretty sloppy and not very well engineered. Kinda like it has features but they’re not made with as much finesse as they should be. The pseudo inner frame isn’t very nice, it’s only functional. Personally I’ve had no problems with loose parts or whatnot at all, aside from the GN Sword (should have been a high point) which is really finicky and annoying to pose with (it’s heavy, not connected very securely).

    The finished product is…well it looks nice and in my opinion much better and sharper than the NG. I’m looking at the model now and it looks great but something’s not very satisfying about it…perhaps my expectations were too high and the build just wasn’t very fun.

  10. That’s an interesting looking lighting setup you have there. Two different colored lights. =D

    Did you also have problems with the GN Sword connection to the arm? The connector doesn’t seem to fit as snug as the NG did. =/

  11. I have no problem With the MG Exia im not as picky as some people are. . only problem i have is trying to put the GN swords on the hips. the parts that hold the sword come off to easly. and the the big GN sword tends to come out of the hole in the arm other then that im fin with it.

  12. Had to use the NG right hand to hold the GN Sword in place, the peg for the arm doesn’t stay in place and the hand and fingers kept falling off. Anyone else experience this?

  13. Actually i am not happy with MG Exia. It is full of flaws. Just don’t know how rates gundam kits. They overrate many gunplas. I have kit reviews in my blog but not as much pics as Z. Most of the time i’ll be pointing out a kit’s articulations and defects/weakpoints.

    Among the problems with MG Exia:
    – The GN Drive LED connection as mentioned by Z

    – The upper arm which has a polycap inside for horizontal rotation is weak though not loose, making the poses you see BAndai use to advertise this kit (Swing up the sword high in a running position) almost impossible to emulate

    – The ankles have very good articulation and can bend sidewards up to 45 degrees for kneeling poses, but in turn gives me headache with the weak ankle and feet in holding the full weight. A slight touch and it topples over

    – Lose shoulders that are only connected to the arm though the rubber piece is a bit annonying though not a big prob.

    – The neck is molded into the torso. not a separate piece, making head articulation limited.

    – It is a big headache to fully attach the GN Sword to the right arm, when i plug the handle into the peg in the wrist the upper plug on the forearm comes out, when i do the reverse, the plug on the wrist comes out instead. The upper “hole” for joining the GN Sword into the forearm is loose. Hard to plug in both pegs properly. If you do succeed, while posing the kit you may accidentally unplug at least one of the 2 pegs.

    I got irritated and when i compare this one to MG Strike Freedom and Infinite JUstice, Exia is actually on the losing side.

  14. Maybe it’s just my eyes, or maybe I’m not that hard to entertain or please, but I think your photos are just fine. Whether they come out like this or your super-crisp pictures of your other models/figures/items, I don’t see them as terrible. I thought my few GP02A photos were alright enough to post online…
    I feel I’m one of the last of the people in their early-20s (and younger) that have actually seen an actual photograph of something taken by an actual camera with actual film in it after everything went crisp-clear and digital. :P

    I’m okay with either the way you set it up, or pitch-blackness, or the classic way you took photos before that new TV of yours. Surely makes your Exia Gundam ver. Zyuan stand out nicely…

  15. I still look at film-based photos! In some instances, I prefer film because it looked more natural… like for landscapes. Also thanks for the reassurance on the photos but I was referring to later photos which I’m taking right now… and they are 3/4 of them are actually blurry ^^;. So yes, that is pretty terrible hence this photoshoot is dragging… like every other one of my reviews… hehe.

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