SD Sangokuden Gundams


My friend came back from Hong Kong this week and got me these two as presents ^^. What’s better gifts from HK to give to a Gunota than Chinese-themed Gundam models? The Gunplas are Guan Yu Gundam and Chang Fei Gundam (thinking of naming this one Chang Wu Fei already…) xD. They both look pretty awesome. I have never looked into these before because I have no idea what they are and not really fond of the pupils inside the eyes ^^;. Not sure when I’ll be able to get to these models though. Oh… my first time seeing these models clearly shows how much Chinese I know; I can almost easily read the kanji in Japanese but not in Cantonese… ahaha orz.


Anyone else collects these type of SD models? Do show off what you got :)


21 thoughts on “SD Sangokuden Gundams

  1. For some reason I’m not digging the Sangokuden line. But I quite like the Kyoui F91 and Taishiji Dom. I still prefer the Gundam Seed line. It’s probably the lack of elbow articulation and gadgets on some Sangokuden Kits (like the Zaku).

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