Kumoricon Tomorrow!


It’s that time of the year again. Kumoricon starts tomorrow and runs till next Monday. Since I’m busy with a multitude of things this weekend, I’ll only be able to attend it for a few hours at night this time around and may be able to check out the exhibition on Monday. No money loss for me though since I was offered a pass ^^;. I’m still amazed that Oregon can actually pull off one of these considering how much otaku culture it lacks (not a single Anime shop of any kind). Since I’ll be guided by my friend who is a pro ‘con goer, I’m hoping to be able to enjoy my temporary stay. I’m not really fond of going into an area with a high concentration of weeaboos and passionate otakus high on ramune and pocky though… it’s just not my kind of atmosphere. Anyway, I’ll be gone for the whole day tomorrow and will probably report back on Sunday with photos and stuff ^^.

Here’s my attendance from last year:

Kumoricon Day 1

Kumoricon Day 2

Kumoricon Videos


4 thoughts on “Kumoricon Tomorrow!

  1. Boy, I hear you on the last note. While I enjoy going to cons, poking around dealers rooms and talking about various anime or playing games with new people, some of the fans can go way overboard with their fandom.

    Either way, have fun and I’ll hope you don’t run in to any Sailor Bacons out there :P

  2. The closest thing I have in my place is only cosplay competition which ain’t no way near impressive as I always see the same regulars.
    Looking forward to your photos! ^^

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