In before someone asks me “why?” about my latest twitter blurb: Above is the pose I’m trying to get, pretty standard and typical…


… and this is what I keep getting repeatedly.


36 thoughts on “Why…

  1. Just to throw something out here for those wondering about the MG Exia.

    It has weak ankles, meaning it can’t stand very well. iirc that joint is not made of the harder ABS plastic type so it is more ‘fragile’ to breakage but don’t quote me on this.

  2. let me tell you why.. the whole kit is a flaw.. i got mine completed yesterday and.. those joint are god damn lose.. it can’t even easily stand straight.. every pose tat i try to make.. some drop out or the whole kit fall down.. i was like WTF ing wrong with this MG.. those hip joint is the part i hate most.. the GN sword will never stay nicely with the palm or the another connector.. i almost want to step on it when i taking photo of it.. it made me totally mad..

  3. I truthfully have never had much of a problem with my MG Exia, past the GN Drive of course.

    I am looking at it right now, in a very dynamic pose, on the ground. No problems with joints at all.

    The ONLY problem I am having right now is posing with it’s GN Swords. They hinder leg movement abit.

  4. Hey Z! Hey so you know how you flat coat all your models? With the “gn-strips” and the clear pieces and the chrome ones, do you flat-coat before you assemble them so theyre not messed up by the flatcoat?

  5. Well met Z, well met.

    I’m just saying this because I have seen 10+ posts about people saying in effect “I don’t feel like buying anymore.”

    There are no perfect MGs, some are darn good, others aren’t.

    Sword Impulse has weak hand joints almost incapable for the most part of holding the much-hyped huge-ass swords. Mine falls apart a lot.

    In comparison to my only other MG, Exia, and the 10 or so of my friend’s I helped him build, Exia is a beautiful kit. The ankles are the only problem. Review are meant to be listened to. In fact, MY fanboyism has led me to hype up Exia when talking to friends of mine. The chrome plating makes the GN Blades/Sword look badass.

    I am currently displaying it in an aerial pose. Going to pose it fighting with Sword Impulse at some point in time. Labor Day gives me some extra time to play around.

    In the end, it is your personal decision. I personally would get the normal (non-ignition) version, as for the price it is well worth it. If you can afford it, get the Ignition. I give it 7.5-8.8/10 for the value.

    I did screw up one of the stickers that goes under the knee condenser, but i filled it in with pencil and marker so it looks okay. I also have not done the etching decals, as they scare me and I dont want to screw them up. I will flat coat it though.

    Also, Sarge133 I agree with you. I may pose it without them, or wielding them.

  6. Mine has the same loose ankle joints, or rather had, some plastic glue on the bal peg and letting it dry for 30 minutes made it more sturdy.

  7. don’t worry Z, i have one technique to fix PC joint. I hope this will help you all.
    Just put the gunpla on very cold environment in freezer if needed. You know, PC parts not as hard as ABS plastic. I think extreme temperature with affect it even a little.
    I’m just testing it with my old gunpla. But, i don’t know that was coincidence or not. But i hope that can help you all ^^

  8. @eyeshield, that’s very good idea :)
    I’ll try put my 1/100 old gundams (gundam X and wing), also some bootlegs in the freezer , lol

  9. Adam, yes. That’s what I did.

    Eyeshield, I’ll definitely give that a try! Sounds like a good idea… even if it might be temporary (when it goes back to room temp)

  10. so, how’s it??
    does it works?
    I hope it doesn’t damage the painting or top coat & decals since my old gunplas are decaless ^^;

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