Kumoricon Pseudo-Coverage


So I went to Kumoricon at around 8 PM and stayed for around six hours (that’s nothing in ‘con time). Took the MAX downtown to the Hilton Hotel because finding parking downtown is horrifying and outright obnoxious. I didn’t really get to do much since I miss A LOT of the better panels that happened during the earlier evening and the exhibition hall was already closed. So here’s a few photos and some of the cosplayers I ran into…


The dude in the blue cloud jacket is the ConChair(man) and the person to his right is the former Sakuracon Chairman… forgot both of their names ^^;. Fabulous jacket… and pretty funny people. This was the “Ask the Chairman anything” panel.

The following shots are from the “Anime that Scarred Me for Life” (I think that was the name) panel:


The cosplayers were decent for the most part while some could do better. Only a few really stick out. Guess I’m a bit spoiled after seeing cosplayers in other anime conventions on DannyChoo. Many I saw were just teenage kids with an akatsuki coat on, a konoha headband with nekomimi, L, and characters that could be from several different anime (miko, princesses, fairies, kung fu masters, etc) or a combination of all of them (Naruto w/ nekomimi, satoshi cap, samurai sword, and turtle back…wut?)


Jesus and Team Rocket (who got in the way of my second Jesus pic). I saw the Pope too but didn’t get to snap a pic of him.


Piccolo! Damnit I need to learn how to use flash properly indoor… the lighting was so dim inside the hotel…


I believe these guys are the Happa Tai… I think..  ^^;

Now here are some really cool ones…




Major props for the effort ^^


I heard the Zeon fanboys squealing when I was taking photos of this Zaku-II


Domo-Kun!!! How do you even see in that? o_0… it was hilarious watching it trying to get down the stairs… xD


Wow… just wow…

This is all the photos I took on Saturday before I got tired. I wanted to take more of cute girls but ran into one too many traps in the form of maids, haruhi, Miku, and various prince-cesses. I didn’t go on Sunday but I’ll make a trip to check out the exhibition on Monday to see what they got there. Maybe I’ll pick up a Robot Damashii if the price is right…


14 thoughts on “Kumoricon Pseudo-Coverage

  1. Traps….I wonder why they even want to cosplay as girls… is it because there’re more choices than cool looking guys to cosplay? ^^;

    Hmm…I wonder how Zaku and EVA see through their costume too besides Domo-kun. XD

  2. The cosplayers don’t really look good… I mean, they should choose the characters that suit their physical appearance such as height, body size…etc… I have a cosplay guide book and majority of the cosplayers above didn’t even follow this rule, which is one of the first rules… Only a few look decent …

  3. to EXkurogane

    cosplay guide book lmao

    might as well just go to those cosers and say hey you’re fat you’re not allowed to cosplay this character

  4. LOL.

    The New York Anime Festival is coming up, and if I can save some money, I’ll attend, as Tomino-san will be there as a guest of honor. I’ll try to take photos and do a report on it.

  5. My Narutard friend has an outfit of Itachi and wears it whenever he can, but like you said, he’d be better as Chouji heh.

    I love the Eva, Zaku, and Domo.

    I’d love to go to a con in the future, but I’m not sure if I’d like to cosplay. I really don’t think I have the body type to be many characters I like. Maybe I could shell out hundreds of dollars for a suit and be a very tall kamen rider? XD

  6. well as far as seeing through EVA01 the words blurry, red, and narrow are accurate. At least i could see though the mouth when it was open…

  7. i was the domo-kun ^_^ i could kind of see out the eyes, which were nylon.. but i had to tilt my head over to the corner while walking and look out the bottom while going down stairs XD couldnt see at all at the dance though ^_^

  8. That’s awesome! I kinda thought you were struggling a bit inside when I saw you going down xD. Hope to see you next year if you’re still gonna cosplay as Domo-kun! ^^

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