Last Day of Kumoricon


After the letdown on the first day, I didn’t plan on going back to Kumoricon but my friend wanted to check it out so off I went again. I finally got the chance to ride the new MAX ^^.


Not much difference really except different colors and the inside smell like an art class…


Random shots after getting off the MAX. Making sure the settings are correct so I don’t have to adjust it later.


Front entrance to the Hilton Hotel. Somewhere in there has like one of the smallest escalators I’ve ever seen in my life… damn lazy people…


The exhibition is underground in a parking lot. I actually visited it a little on the first day but didn’t see anything of interest. It was crowded… and a bit humid. Many figure shops and of course you have your typical pocky and ramune sale.Oh, and you gotta love that “con smell” (aka sweaty body odor).


The ONLY selection of Gundam models available that I saw. Heard there wasn’t much to begin with anyway. Oh wow… sad that I didn’t see any RD figures.


Someone is going to have to clean up these ramune caps…

Now for something that is actually related to this blog…


Haha… he is Gundam.


I figured I might run into the Gundam given the Zaku II I saw the other day…


Yea… this was the only note-worthy cosplayer I found that day. Nothing else mattered.

Verdict: Bored. Didn’t bother to stay till the end. Went to lunch. Then off to work. The end.

How are Anime cons like in your region?


9 thoughts on “Last Day of Kumoricon

  1. Horrible down here, imagine at least Asians keep their hygiene proper because of parents etc. In melbourne the anime festival is rubbish, nothing to do, people trying to sell Unicorn Mg for the same price as a PG and HG1/144 are like 50 us. Makes you appreciate rainbowten sometimes~

  2. Chris shinka!! I figure since there’s a couple Chris here, I might as well use a little different name. XD

    Wow….at least they had MG Sazabi, which is long extinct here.
    Sadly, no anime con here as far as I know, just some cosplay event, or “anime exhibition” (basically selling toys from kids’ toys to a few Gunplas).

  3. Wow, that looks like a let down. I would expect much more. The only anime con I’ve been to is in Canada, and it wasn’t too bad. It shares the [really big] building with 3 other cons, horror, gamers, and sci-fi. and they’re all at the same time lol. I would think it’s good enough that they have rather popular VAs attend(Brad Swaile, voices for Naruto characters, even the original creaor of G Gundam himself(whose autograph I got ;D)). I’ve never been to New York Anime Fest, so I have no idea how that is.

  4. It just annoys me that most of the anime/cosplay/gunpla exhibitions are usually held at the times when i’m busy in campus, and far from my home (at the capital)! If i want to go, i’ll have to travel 350km crossing 2 states just to attend an anime exhibition or some sort relate and even having Seiyuus and J-pop singers around. Just wonder when i’ll get my chance…

  5. Do want the Mario and Pokemon items. Looks like they had a few Revoltechs and Figmas, too.

    I’ve never been to a con. A few friends and I might go to a smaller one a few hours away. I expect it to be kinda crummy and aimed at the cosplay crowd rather than the -people who spend too much cash on useless toys- crowd, but one of my favorite dub voice actors will be there so I think I wanna go anyway. ^^;

  6. lol.. nice RX-78-2 there! is it a 1:10 scale? hahah.. good effort tho.. well.. i guess having a con is better den none.. and it will always improve frm the previous year.. so its always good.. oh! speaking of which i had this super good cosplay of Strike Freedom.. you can check out my blog to have a peak.. this guy did an Exia too.. but i din take photos the last time.. it was last year.. kinda regretted it.. but it was well proportioned.. similar to Strike..

    Ren. (^^)”

  7. Unless it was expensive (because it was in a convention), a shame you didn’t get the HGUC GP02A. Sure, it wouldn’t be the same as mine, and Beamknight87 did a review on it, but I would’ve liked your two cents on it anyway. Especially now that I’m feeling more if-iffy about my GP02A now that its left hand is broken after a photoshoot (and when the shield drops, the vents for the shield keep falling off and is hard to put and keep on there).

    I saw that Gundam cosplayer on Deviantart. Like the Zaku II, pretty impressive. I was about to mention why there weren’t any shots of that Gundam in your last entry. :) But I wouldn’t say it’s worth going to Kumoricon. They had a cute 2D mascot on their website, though…

  8. Anime Expo was AWSOME! I swear, go there and you’ll find so much…

    Everything from Anime Figures, cosplays, Gundam Models (The newest and greatest) RD Figures, GFF, almost every Gundam grade you could think of is there! Not to mention the place is nice and clean….and they also sell posters, art, and DVD’s.

    It has pretty much everything anime-related there. :)

    Shopped like crazy when I went there…even picked up the Knightmare Frame Vincent Model…Royal Coating to boot. ;D

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