MG Exia, Exterminating the Review!

Whew. Finally… Here it is: MG Gundam Exia Ignition Mode. That took me long enough. Well, so much for finishing this thing by the end of August ^^;. I’m sure most of you are already done with your own MG Exia by now xD. Oh yea, if the photos in the review looks a bit blurry then just click on it to see the full size (cuz the image is larger than usual).While the review might be done, there’s still just a bit more I would like to do with Exia to finalize it but right now, I would like to take a little break… and maybe work on something else. I still have to prepare to go back to school and other stuff.

Anyway, I need some sleep. Hope you all enjoy the review. Happy scrolling ^^;


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